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Ralph has completed his work in New Zealand. This is his final post before returning. To read posts 1, 2, 3, 4 please click on the number. The itinerary will all the bells and whistles will be posted on our website later this month. We hope you’ve enjoyed Ralph’s travels.

White Island

I’ve had a longstanding passion for seeing volcanoes, going back to 1973 when I climbed Mount Nyiragongo in the eastern Congo and slept on the rim. It had a huge molten crater lake that glowed bright orange, and it bubbled and crackled all night. I didn’t get a lot of sleep — among other things it was cold on the rim! — but I was fascinated. (Nyiragongo has since erupted several times, with a good deal of loss of life, unfortunately.)

So on my recent journey to New Zealand laying the groundwork for our February 2011 voyages aboard
Oceanic Discoverer
, I looked forward with anticipation to visiting White Island, the site of one of the world’s most continuously active volcanoes…

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