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Sighting of a Very Rare Glacier Bear in Alaska

Guests aboard National Geographic Sea Lion in Southeast Alaska had an extremely rare sighting yesterday—a glacier bear. These bluish-grey bears are a morph of the black bear and are usually only found in the northern potion of Northeast Alaska. These bears are so uncommon that our Tlingit cultural interpreter, a native of this area and on board for this portion of the journey, said it was only the second she’d ever seen in her life.


  1. Martin Visser says:

    June 10 2012 we made a Glacier Bay Tour from Gustavus.
    On the way back we saw the very rare Glacier Bear near
    the Reid Glacier on the west-side of the Glacier Bay.
    The US park ranger on board was extremely enthusiastic.
    In his longtime experience this was the second time
    he saw the Glacier Bear.

  2. Martin Visser says:

    Oh, almost forgotten!
    I have made some very nice pictures of the Glacier Bear
    Martin Visser / Netherlands

  3. Robert Steffens says:

    I also was on the cruise on June 10th in Glacier Bay and have pictures and video of the glacier bear cub. Martin if you read this email me at!

  4. Aimé says:

    I have just finished reading a book by Lynn Schooler titled ‘The Blue Bear’ aka Glacier Bear. I’ve read a lot in my time and I rate this book in the top two books concerning the prose and the author’s ability to transport the reader onto his “Swift”. The poignancy of the whole story is heart warming- and all without the need to bring in the swear words or any illicit love affairs. Please borrow it from your library as I did in little old Mount Isa in Queensland Australia. I haven’t seen a Glacier but I reckon in my mind’s eye I have!

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