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Gigantic School of Mobular Rays in Baja

The National Geographic show Untamed Americas featured what is likely the largest school of mobular rays ever filmed. The massive school was spotted off the coast of Baja California in the Sea of Cortez last season. Our guests aboard National Geographic Sea Bird last season were witnesses to a major uptick in the number of mobular rays observed, though experts are divided on just why so many rays massed in the Sea of Cortez—and whether they’ll be back next season.

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  1. Henry Adams says:

    The devil ray (M. mobular) belongs to a small sub-family of stingrays that includes the gigantic zooplantophagous manta ray (Manta birostris) which can measure 8m in width and weigh 3 tons. In the Eastern Atlantic the devil ray is found southwards from northern Spain and Portugal, throughout the Mediterranean (but not the Black Sea), and onwards
    via the Canaries and Azores to Senegal and has been known to possibly stray into the North-Western Atlantic from New Jersey to Cuba. check out this Utube provided by NatgeoTV.

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