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Fraser’s Penguins: A Journey to the Future in Antarctica

Ecologist Bill Frasier is in a rare position to judge changes in Antarctic penguin colonies. He’s been measuring and researching penguins and their predators around Palmer Research Station for over 35 years. Over the austral summer of 2005-06, journalist Fen Montaigne worked alongside Frasier collecting data on Antarctic wildlife. Montaigne has recently released a book on the experience, Fraser’s Penguins: A Journey to the Future in Antarctica. His book was reviewed in The New York Times this week.
Our guests aboard National Geographic Explorer had the chance to get a special tour of the Palmer Station during our Antarctica cruise. Our Undersea Specialist and Expedition Leader Lisa Trotter had recently been the facilities manager. Take a look at Fraser’s Penguins, and if you’d like to see them with your own eyes, check out our Antarctica cruises.


Tuatara, a Singular, New Zealand Reptile

Meet the tuatara, a rare New Zealand reptile that scientists have dubbed a ‘living fossil.’ Researchers have found that it evolves at lightning speed but is also being biologically representative of long extinct species. The reptiles’ eggs are incubated in the ground for over a year, and these animals routinely grow to be 16 inches long of the course of their 100 year lifespan.
The New York Times ran an excellent article on the tuatara last month, but if you’re seeing one in person, you’ll have to make the trip to New Zealand. Guests on our New Zealand cruise will have a chance of seeing in the wild on our afternoon excursion out of Wellington to the ‘Zealandia’ sanctuary.

Photos of the Week: December 13th

Our favorite photos have been selected and the Photos of the Week are online. They come from our Galápagos cruises and National Geographic Explorer currently cruising Antarctica.


Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Many of our Antarctica g
uests get to celebrate landing on their 7th continent, and crossing the Antarctic Circle is one of our favorite milestones on the trip. This video comes back from National Geographic Explorer, shot last week during their Antarctica cruise.

Audubon’s book ‘Birds of America’ Sells at Auction for $10.3 million

Audubon Birds of America

Time to dig through your  storage unit to see if any enormous old books are hanging around.
The Birds of America
, written and illustrated by John James Audubon and printed in the 1830s sold today at auction for over $10 million. It is one of the rarest books and today became the most expensive. And how did Audubon manage these extremely accurate, detailed drawings of the birds?
"He was one of the most rabid hunters you would have ever found. All of the birds he illustrated in Birds of America he killed," says Mr Vedder. "He would rig them with wire in order to pose them."

Dispatch from Our Ongoing Galapagos Photo Expedition

Lindblad-National Geographic certified Photo Instructor Mike Nolan narrates this video, shot during a photo expedition currently taking place in Galápagos.

Lindblad Expeditions and Miraval Arizona Collaboration

Miraval Arizona, regarded as one of the premier holistic retreats in the world, announced last week their upcoming collaborations with National Geographic and us at Lindblad Expeditions. Miraval will be offering National Geographic Photography workshops at their resort, and for those interested in a more immersive adventure, they’ll be dispatching a Miraval specialist to join us on the upcoming expedition An Island Odyssey aboard National Geographic Explorer. As part of our new Skills@Sea program, the specialist will offer classes on Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Stress Mastery. Learn more about the collaboration or the May expedition, An Island Odyssey.

Photos of the Week: December 3

Check out the new Photos of the Week from expedition staff and guests aboard our Galápagos cruise, Antarctica cruise, Costa Rica & Panama cruise and Amazon cruise.

Two Crossings of the Southern Ocean; or, Lifeboat vs National Geographic Explorer

Click the image to see more.
Naturalist Steve MacLean spent some time reflecting about his recent crossing of the Southern Ocean aboard National Geographic Explorer. Specifically, he made to handy chart comparing his crossing to that of the crew of the James B. Caird, one of the boats off Endurance that Shackleton and a crew of five would pilot on the very same route.

Sparking the Movement to Get Kids Outdoors

Nature kids


Sven Lindblad and
Lindblad Expeditions
recently hosted the Children & Nature Network’s “Big Dreams Win,” a 2-day forum aboard National Geographic Sea Bird. Among other topics, the forum discussed ways to spark the movement to get kids to spend more time in nature, as espoused in Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. If you’re interested in meeting Richard Louv, he’ll join us aboard National Geographic Explorer for our Arctic cruise, Land of the Ice Bears in June of 2011.