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Esquinas River,Saladero and Casa Orquideas, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

The third full day of our exploration through the wonders of Central America took place in one of Costa Rica’s most isolated areas—the southern Pacific corner, specifically in the Golfo Dulce, an incredible deep gulf surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest. The sun shining through the horizon was the best sign of a great day to come. National Geographic Sea Lion dropped anchor in this emerald color water, while the guest were getting ready to explore this magnificent gulf, river, and forest. Read More>

Dec 16, 2014 National Geographic Sea Lion in Costa Rica & Panama

Passing Ducie Atoll, Pitcairn Islands, South Pacific

Last Sunday, after a most interesting full day exploration of Pitcairn Island, the National Geographic Orion left Bounty Bay heading towards the uplifted coral island of Henderson and Ducie Atoll. Sea conditions were changing very rapidly and embarking and disembarking Zodiacs was rough but all of us returned safely.   On our way to to Ducie Atoll weather forecasts indicated that landing at Ducie would be unlikely. Read More>

Dec 16, 2014 National Geographic Orion in Pacific Islands & Australia

Isabela and Fernandina Islands

The National Geographic Islander explored the calm blue waters under the beautiful orange light of sunrise. We gathered on the decks with warm coffee to admire the majesty of the volcanoes of Isabela Island and the flocks of sea birds as they skimmed the ocean in search of their morning meals. We, on the other hand, were searching for dolphins. Suddenly we spotted big splashes close to the horizon and we changed the course of the ship.  Certainly there were dolphins.  There was a pod of five hundred or more common dolphins which were breaching everywhere! This was an amazing beginning to this exciting day. Still in the early morning hours we reached Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela Island. Read More>

Dec 16, 2014 National Geographic Islander in Galápagos


The western islands of this archipelago are the youngest, and therefore the most volcanic. Isabela, being the largest island of all, is where we spent the full day for our several activities. Our first stop was Urbina Bay, where our guests chose between a short hike and a long hike, both of which offer good opportunities for wildlife sightings, such as large land iguanas, and occasionally also giant tortoises.  Land birds are also everywhere here, from Darwin’s finches, Galapagos hawks, warblers and Galapagos mockingbirds, to some waders and sea birds like the unique flightless cormorants and pelicans. Read More>

Dec 16, 2014 National Geographic Endeavour in Galápagos

Henderson Island

Like a siren’s song, Henderson Island’s wind-swept sand beaches, swaths of verdant forest, and towering limestone cliffs beckoned us to explore, but the ocean’s tumultuous waves held us firmly at bay. We had hoped to be able to possibly land by Zodiac, or at least to lower our snorkeling platform from which we could peer at her coral-laden flanks beneath the waves. Yet the powerful, heaving ocean swells and wind-whipped waves made folly of any such ideas. So we sailed along her leeward side as the morning sun lit the bursting waves dashing high against the cliffs.   Offshore we found ample delight in the myriad numbers of tropical seabirds returning upwind to their island home. Read More>

Dec 15, 2014 National Geographic Orion in Pacific Islands & Australia

Playa Caletas and Corcovado National Park

A cool breeze passed by National Geographic Sea Lion. After spending the night in the calm waters of Drake Bay in the Osa Peninsula, a lovely reddish sunrise was revealed to us. As the mist began to dissipate, the different colors of the forest began to appear.  Our desire to go out and explore was satisfied as our expedition leader announced the first activity of the day. Read More>

Dec 15, 2014 National Geographic Sea Lion in Costa Rica & Panama

Bartolome and Rabida Islands

Today our first activity took place before breakfast with a hike to the top of Bartolome Island. This hike included about four hundred wooden steps all the way to the top. Along the way we learn about the geology and history of Bartolome Island. The island, despite its very small size, provides our guests with many options to enjoy. Read More>

Dec 15, 2014 National Geographic Islander in Galápagos

The Lemaire Channel, Booth Island & Penola Strait

This morning we woke up surrounded by fog and large snowflakes. We approached the entrance to the Lemaire Channel, this is one of the most scenic and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes on the Antarctic Peninsula. We cruised through the circular patterned sea ice heading for our first landing at Booth Island. The high snowy peaks towered over our ship, the National Geographic Explorer, as legendary ice Captain Leif Skog masterly navigated through the narrow ice-clad channel. We were the first boat to sail through the channel in the past week. Snowflakes continued to fall and were visible on our orange expedition parkas by the time breakfast was announced at 7 a.m.  Our first landing of the day was on Booth Island, where all three species of brushtail penguins; Adélies, gentoos, and chinstraps, were seen nesting close to each other. Read More>

Dec 15, 2014 National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica

Fernandina & Isabela Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a mixture of emotions, and today we visited the youngest area of the archipelago. Our first adventure of the day was a visit to Fernandina Island; and a comfortable dry landing at Punta Espinoza was the perfect way to begin our journey. As soon as we arrived, we found ourselves awe-inspired by the presence of a multitude of marine iguanas that were found covering the lava rock area. Read More>

Dec 15, 2014 National Geographic Endeavour in Galápagos

Pitcairn Island

«Nous avons fait l'histoire d'une croyance. Elle s'établit: la société humaine se constitue. Elle se modifie: la société traverse une série de révolutions. Elle disparaît: la société change de face.»                — Fustel De Coulanges, La Cité Antique, 1864 Last evening, the National Geographic Orion dropped anchor in Bounty Bay and we boarded Zodiacs to explore the coast for our first close-up view of one of the most isolated, yet inhabited islands in the world. Read More>

Dec 14, 2014 National Geographic Orion in Pacific Islands & Australia

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