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James Island

At sunrise we disembarked in Espumilla Beach, a dark sandy beach where several tracks of female Pacific green turtles were evident. Unfortunately, since the tide was very high, we were not able to spot the turtles as they crawled towards the ocean. Our walk took us through a mature black mangrove forest, and further inland through an incense tree forest. The unique scenery mesmerized our guests, and we were fortunate enough to spot three Galapagos hawks, one of the highlights of this site. Once we were back onboard, a delicious breakfast was provided and we got ready for the afternoon’s activities, which included snorkeling, kayaking and glass bottom boat rides. Read More>

Feb 10, 2016 National Geographic Endeavour in Galápagos

Antarctic Sound

Today has been a true delight with thousands of penguins, more than a dozen killer whales, and a beautiful sunset. We stepped foot on the continent of Antarctica, which for many was their 7th continent. This isn’t just any landing though, this is the famous Brown Bluff, which is renowned because it brings us face to face with as many as 50,000 breeding pairs of Adélie penguins, and their tens of thousands of ridiculously cute chicks. We are on the Antarctic Peninsula, an area that has been hit hard by human-induced climate change, which has already warmed by 3-4 degrees on average. This means life or death for thousands of penguins, which is why Adélie numbers are plummeting on many parts of the peninsula. Here though, they are still doing well, and we are able to witness a penguin colony reaching farther than the eye can see. These penguin chicks are right at the stage where they are entering the water for the first time, which is basically hilarious. Read More>

Feb 10, 2016 National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica

Isabela Island

Today we continue our expedition in the Galapagos Islands navigating along the western region. This morning we visited a place called Urbina Bay located on Isabela Island. Read More>

Feb 10, 2016 National Geographic Islander in Galápagos

San José del Cabo

A gentle rolling and a star-filled night describe our passage south to the very tip of the Baja California. Soon we rounded Land’s End and gazed upon Cabo San Lucas and a glacially sized cruise ship. Off in the distance a humpback whale breached and drew our attention to more natural sights. Finding a predictable animal gives quite an advantage to photographers when trying to get a shot of a 45-ton creature throwing itself into the air. This humpback breached about every two minutes as we passed and is featured in today’s Daily Expedition Report photograph. There are over one thousand humpbacks that breed and calve from here to the Mexican mainland and out to the Revillagigedo Islands south of Baja California. February is an excellent time to watch competitive groups of males in a variety of behaviors. The new marina at San José del Cabo is large and well-organized. Read More>

Feb 10, 2016 National Geographic Sea Bird in Baja California

Phnom Penh & Chau Doc

We were pulling out of Phnom Penh early, some took the opportunity to take one last quick walk in the city, some took the chance to sleep in (relatively speaking), some chose Tai Chi, and some chose to watch the day unfold from the top deck. After pulling away from Phnom Penh and having a delicious breakfast, it was time for the much anticipated talk from Dr. Read More>

Feb 10, 2016 Jahan in Vietnam & Cambodia

Bequia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

“Wow, you really saved the best for last,” “Is there an airport on Bequia?”, “We sure would like to come back here and stay a little longer.” That was the talk going around in the shade of Jack’s Beach Bar on Princess Margaret Beach in Bequia at the end of a good, long morning. Most of us had taken Zodiacs into town to board the local covered pick-up trucks for a geared-down drive around the island. The local guides may not have had the credentials of London Blue Badge Guides, but they shared their love of their island and their stories and culture with charm, passion, and smiles. We drove to the eastern or windward side of the island where the repentant Brother Orton King—a former free-diving turtle fisherman—has devoted the last 20 years of his life raising endangered hawksbill turtle hatchlings to adolescence to give them a “head start” for survival in the wild. Read More>

Feb 10, 2016 Sea Cloud in Caribbean

Rancheria and Granito de Oro Island, Coiba National Park

Our trip begin with a great sunrise and good coffee! We were ready to explore Panama! Coiba for a lot of years was one of the most remote prisons on the country, this is probably a reason why the forest is so well preserved. Read More>

Feb 10, 2016 National Geographic Sea Lion in Costa Rica & Panama

Hanna Point, South Shetland

Today is our first outing in Antarctica, at Hanna Point, Livingstone Island, located in the outlaying group of islands named South Shetland. Many returned stating, “This was worth the whole effort to make it all the way south.” Well, still more to come. Read More>

Feb 9, 2016 National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica

Phnom Penh

We started our day off as we have all become very quickly accustomed, whichever way felt best—doing Tai Chi on the top deck or relaxing with a coffee in hand watching the new day begin! Today was even more visually stimulating than others as we watched the sun light up the city of Phnom Penh, watching it slowly come alive! Not long after breakfast it seemed we were already off the ship and sitting in cyclos! The cyclos are pushbikes converted to have a seat on the front that allows one to sit surprisingly comfortably while being peddled through the city. Read More>

Feb 9, 2016 Jahan in Vietnam & Cambodia

Union Island, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Many of us find it hard to relax in our daily lives. We are used to running errands at maximum speed through each day and putting as many events in one day as possible. We forget that relaxing is important to keep our body and mind healthy, and to find the happiness in ourselves. It’s important to stop and admire the beauty of nature, find all shades of green in the surrounding trees, or watch the different species of fish in the underwater world. Today was a day to do all of that. In the morning we set the sails and you all know that you cannot be stressed while sailing on a square-rigger. Read More>

Feb 9, 2016 Sea Cloud in Caribbean

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