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West Africa

An epic journey from South Africa to Morocco

Exploring Africa's West Coast: An Odyssey from South Africa to Morocco

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Itinerary Overview

An epic journey from South Africa to Morocco

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Sharing digital images is a great way to break the ice and bridge cultures in West Africa.
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As we approach Cotonou, Benin, drummers assemble on the beach to greet the ship with their life-affirming rhythms.
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Tiny Goree Island, in Senegal, is covered with fortifications and brightly-colored houses.
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Visit a village of the Bagyeli “pygmy” people for a deeper understanding of their culture and way of life.
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West Africa has a world-famous tradition of art, as exemplified by these colorful carved masks in a market.

Immersive, in-depth Africa exploration
Exploring the countries of West Africa by ship offers an unrivaled experience of the natural and cultural wonders. The 148-guest National Geographic Explorer is an ideal platform for exploration that will enable you to:

  • Explore 16 countries in-depth, from the tip of South Africa all the way north to Morocco
  • Get an insider’s perspective through meeting with diplomats and local leaders
  • Discover wildly diverse habitats from deserts to jungle to idyllic islands
  • Travel in extraordinary comfort, exploring a vast region of the world, in many cases with minimal tourism infrastructure.

Intriguing places and extraordinary people
The strange and beautiful hues of the Namib Desert. The mining ghost town of Kolmanskop,slowly reclaimed by dunes. Ghana’s lively markets. São Tomé’s idyllic beaches. Travel up a remote river to meet the chief of the Bagyeli “pygmy” people, bargain with merchants selling voodoo relics, plus visit a working tea plantation and several UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

Each day is engaging and enlightening
If the day’s plan calls for a visit to a local market, choose to stroll with your musicologist or historian for varied insights. Searching for marine life doesn’t sound interesting? No problem, stay back and spend an afternoon at the spa. Each day you’ll be offered different ways to understand the lives and cultures of the people you meet along the way. See more of what you’ll do

Travel in excellent company
Explore under the sure guidance of an expedition leader and team of extraordinary historians, cultural specialists, and naturalists. Get shooting tips from your on board National Geographic photographer. Join your wellness specialist for an aerobic hike, or learn a bit about navigation while sharing the bridge with our captain. Guest speakers participate in the expedition, complementing our staff’s insights. And since music forms a key part of the culture, we’ve arranged for special musical performances in several places along the way, including some artists of international renown. Your team’s knowledge and passion for West Africa is the key to your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Meet the team.


This has been a trip of a lifetime and everything went well. Lindblad staff, crew, and guest speakers all lived up to their considerable reputations and beyond my expectation. A huge thank you to all!


West Africa guest

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Photographer Massimo Bassano

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Speaker: Gregory Anderson, Linguist

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