Take the Best Photos of Your Life

Now that B&H has introduced you to Lindblad Expeditions - National Geographic, photography is about to get even more exciting for you.

40+ global expeditions touching 7 continents and virtually all the world’s oceans—travel with us and you’ll travel to the planet’s most incredible places.

You’ll explore in authentic expedition style, aboard well-equipped ships. And share the adventure with a renowned expedition team, and fellow guests who love to “aim & create”, too. Plus, you’ll travel accompanied by top National Geographic photographers and photo instructors certified by Lindblad-National Geographic.

 Curiosity drives explorers, be curious and explore our site to:
• Find out more about our exclusive Expedition Photography program by exploring this section
• Which top National Geographic photographers travel with us? Find their bios here
• What do guests say? Find their comments & photos in the new Expedition Photography brochure
• Want to immerse yourself in photography? Check out our roster of Photo Expeditions
• And count on our partnership with B&H to help you gear up for the various conditions you’ll encounter on our expeditions—from the equator to the South Pacific, and from the southern to the northern Polar Regions. Together we’ve curated a special gear list with special pricing for all our booked guests.

Now, your trip to B&H is a gateway to exciting travel, and the best photos of your life.