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Adam Britton

Adam is a British-born zoologist who has lived and worked in northern Australia since 1997. Before arriving in Darwin, Adam gained a Ph.D. on the flight performance and echolocation of insectivorous bats, but his passion has always been large predators and the relationship that different cultures have toward them.

He's has focused on crocodiles for the best part of three decades, particularly Australian, Asian and African species. In 2006 he established a private consultancy with his wife Erin, specializing on crocodiles. They have worked on a diverse range of field- and analysis-based projects, often employing new technology and unusual techniques to allow new insights into these fascinating creatures. Adam also runs the CrocBITE Crocodilian Attack Database, and much of his work now centers on addressing human-wildlife conflict. Despite this focus on crocodiles, Adam has never lost his fascination for zoology and the relationships between animals, their environment, and people associated with them. He has worked extensively in recent years to train others with the skills to manage their own wildlife issues.

Adam has worked on hundreds of natural history documentaries over the years and believes strongly in communicating science to a wide audience in an accessible manner. He’s also been a keen photographer since his parents gifted him an old, manual Voigtländer camera as a child.