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Erin Britton

Erin is an Australian wildlife biologist who grew up in northern Australia and now lives just outside Darwin, Northern Territory, with her two dogs, five crocodiles and a husband. Erin’s passion is wildlife and its interactions with people and their environment. With a degree in Environmental Science, Erin has worked around the world looking at how people, animals, culture and history interact. She’s worked as a marine ranger in the Caribbean, as a wildlife ranger in Katherine, and as part of the crocodile management team in Darwin.

Erin has a broad interest in wildlife, is a keen birder, and will never turn down an opportunity to explore the myriad varieties of birds and other wildlife at any destination around the world. She has helped guests to explore the natural world for Lindblad in SE Asia, Australia, and elsewhere.

Erin currently operates a wildlife consultancy business in Darwin with her husband Adam. She has worked on all kinds of research projects including Nile crocodiles in the Okavango Delta, humancrocodile conflict in Timor-Leste, and endangered pygmy crocodiles in remote escarpment country in the Northern Territory. She has also worked on dozens of natural history documentaries featuring crocodiles and other wildlife and enjoys inspiring others about the importance of nature wherever it's found.

Erin has worked with Lindblad in Antarctica, Australia, SE Asia, Vietnam and Cambodia.