A Lindblad-National Geographic adventure is smart fun for all ages and we are dedicated to maximizing your family’s fun and minimizing your effort. Here, a few key reasons why so many families choose us:

Choice & flexibility for all ages We offer activities tiered for every fitness level and age group to guarantee multigenerational fun (yes, even teens love it!). Everyone can choose what to do daily—hiking, snorkeling, photography walks, & more—and follow the naturalists whose interests match theirs.

Unique family program for kids and teens Developed in conjunction with National Geographic Education, National Geographic Global Explorers engages kids and teens with cool activities all designed to help them develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an explorer.

Ideal family environment Our small-scale expedition ships provide the perfect balance of intimacy and independence for kids. And everyone aboard—from our naturalists down to our waitstaff—are wonderful with children.



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