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The Race to Drill through the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Russian Vostok Station

It was thought for ages that besides some hardy Leopard Seals and Penguins, the Antarctic was devoid of organisms. But the deeper scientists get, the more life they’re finding. Just last week
a shrimp and jellyfish appeared in a hole
drilled into the ice sheet by a team from NASA. And discoveries promise to get more interesting as soon as a team hits the massive deposit of fresh water miles below the ice.
A Russian team, an American team, and a British team have been spread across the continent boring through the ice. The Russians began drilling thorough the thickest ice in Antarctica in 1957, and it wasn’t until 1995 that they realized there was a massive pool of fresh water under them. The Russian team is now 300 feet from the water, and they expect to break through sometime next year…