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Meet Bette Lu Krause, aka Auntie Captain Lulabelle

Bette Lu Krause; Photo by naturalist Sharon Grainger

Lindblad Expeditions naturalist Bette Lu Krause had a whole career as a merchant marine and tug captain sailing the high seas and dodging icebergs for 20 years before coming to Lindblad as chief mate on the National Geographic Sea Bird and Sea Lion in 1992. She says her love for and learning about wild places is lifelong, and the opportunity to develop her skills as a naturalist has been an incredible gift.
And this weekend she’ll be part of an art stroll in Ocean Park, Washington.
Here’s how she describes her art:
“My art took a more serious turn about 12 years ago, when I changed mediums and started working with acrylics – I mostly use a palette knife and love to work on canvas; allowing the image to reveal what it wants to be through many layers and days of painting. I find that I am particularly inspired to paint scenes from Southeast Alaska; though I also have paintings of whales and of Baja California.”
And here’s info on her event taking place November 26 & 27th:
There are now over 30 local artists represented and the quality of the work is really quite amazing. All of the artists tucked into the forests of this rural place led us to developing a studio tour. This is the 3rd one, and the long narrow peninsula is a great venue for the event and a special opportunity to visit artists where they live and work. You can download a map for the tour