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Dramatic Rescue of a Humpback Whale in Baja California

Michael Fishbach of The Great Whale Conservancy encountered a humpback whale entangled in a nylon fishing net drifting in the Sea of Cortez. His group radioed for help but was told it would be at least an hour before anyone would arrive. They knew the young whale couldn’t wait, so they began working to cut it free themselves. They filmed the entire encounter — an amazing story everyone should see.

Please do not attempt to rescue a whale without proper training or equipment.  In US waters, consult the NOAA website for trained and equipped responders in your area.

UPDATE: Just announced — Michael Fishbach will join us aboard National Geographic Sea Bird in Baja California on our January 2 Journeys in the Sea of Cortez expedition, before he begins his research for the season. While it will be too early for the gray whales, we’ll have Michael’s whale tales to engage us, plus we’ll swim with sea lions, hike desert islands and spend an unforgettable holiday season of exploring. If January 2 doesn’t fit your schedule, we also have limited space on our December 26 departure. Plus: Fly Free* if booked by August 31 on select voyages and departures. See the day-by-day itinerary, or call to ask questions and get more details at 1.800.EXPEDITION (1.800.397.3348).

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