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The Climate Reality Project

The West Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most rapidly warming places on Earth. Even though Antarctica is remote, the melting ice on this continent is of concern to all of us. As our planet’s ice melts, sea levels are rising steadily. This increases the risk of storm surges, coastal floods, diminished supplies of drinking water for billions of people, and hundreds of millions of climate refugees.

Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project, along with Lindblad Expeditions, have just launched a voyage to Antarctica to document and better understand the many impacts of climate change.  Business leaders, activists and concerned citizens from all over the world are being joined by the world’s leading climate scientists and Antarctica experts to see firsthand how the climate crisis is unfolding in Antarctica.

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The Climate Reality Project is also encouraging concerned citizens to launch their own expeditions in their own neighborhoods. Learn more and start your own.

You may also learn more by following Richard Branson as he blogs during the voyage. Plus, you can read Daily Expedition Reports from National Geographic Explorer’s expedition team as they post. Sign up here.

 Photo: Jim Richardson