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Galápagos Undersea Exploration by ROV

Launching the ROV


This month our expedition team aboard National Geographic Endeavour unveiled a new tool that allows us to explore the marine environment in greater depth and share it with guests—a remote operated vehicle (ROV). The ROV can dive to 500 feet, far deeper than Scuba divers can safely explore, allowing us a glimpse of deep undersea life that inhabits this Pacific archipelago. While life inhabiting the islands has been well documented, relatively little is known about the deep undersea here.

This is the second ROV in the Lindblad-National Geographic Fleet. The ROV aboard National Geographic Explorer has aided in the discovery of new species in the polar seas as well as cold water corals. By exploring the Galápagos with our ROV on a regular basis, we hope to soon offer new insights into the region’s sea life. Intrigued? Come aboard and join the exploration.

See a short video with Sven Lindblad and the new ROV in Galápagos.

Wildlife sightings on early dives