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Hugged by a Sea Lion in Baja California

Today’s blog post comes to us from Jill Cruse, the VP of Guest Experience for Olivia Travel.

I was hugged by a Sea Lion! While snorkeling in Baja California on the National Geographic Seabird in April of 2012, I felt a warm body pressed against my back. I turned around thinking it was my snorkel buddy, but it wasn’t! The sea lion wrapped herself around my torso in a “U” shape, completely embracing me with her face looking at me for 10 seconds. I stayed with it until my human-ness kicked in and got worried she would nip at me. She swam away, (no nips) but I was left with an experience I will never forget. This behavior is not common, I have been told. Tears were my release as I could not explain in words what that was about. This being felt safe and vulnerable with a human.

By Jill Cruse, Chicago, IL