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Ocean Photography Contest: Win a Galápagos Expedition

SeaWeb’s Marine Photobank represents and effort to get photographers to share their shots of the oceans—whether they be inspiring or troubling. If the axiom “out of sight, out of mind” is true, then SeaWeb is doing everything they can to get images of the world’s oceans in front of people and at the top of their minds.

October 1st marked the launch of the fifth annual Ocean in Focus Conservation Photography Contest run by SeaWeb’s Marine Photobank program. The goal of the contest is to inspire photographers, from hobbyists to professionals, to care about the ocean and focus their lens on the true positive and negative human impacts on the marine environment.

Grand prize in this year’s contest is a Lindblad-National Geographic Galápagos expedition. The winner of last year’s contest is on his way to the islands right now, soon to embark National Geographic Endeavour…and we’re expecting to see some great photos being posted on SeaWeb’s Twitter feed!

Learn more about the contest and enter here.