We’re counting down to the launch of our brand-new expedition ship National Geographic Quest! Follow along from now until June 26 and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings as the big day draws near. Every Thursday see how the Quest features will enhance your expedition experience wherever you journey. Watch below then check back tomorrow to catch a time-lapse video of the past seven days.

“First, I think you should put on a pair of headphones and listen to this video. Listen to the sounds of the tropics. Enveloping, dynamic—it’s the ultimate surround sound and, once you’ve been a part of it, the feeling won’t leave you.

Now, when you add in a little heat and humidity, you will want a bit of a respite to replenish your energy. That’s one of the reasons why the National Geographic Quest’s guest cabins and public spaces were designed to be accessed from the interior of the vessel. It helps regulate the temperature and keep comfort high. Still, you will not feel cut off from nature. Floor to ceiling windows will offer the feeling of still being one with the tropics. Companionways and stairs to outside decks are very accessible. You can step out on bow directly from the lounge and Category 4 Cabins have step out balconies.

The highlight for many guests is transiting the Panama Canal. We do so, uniquely, over the course of two days. With the Quest’s expansive sun deck and outdoor bar, transiting the three lock systems of the Panama Canal will be even more enjoyable. Don’t forget your camera to capture it, maybe a cocktail to help celebrate.”

—Marc Cappelletti, VP of Expedition Development

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