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Expedition Recon

Sven Lindblad: Orangutan Care Center in Borneo

“At the Orangutan Care Center in Pangkalan Bun Borneo. Spent a day and a half amongst juvenile and infants with Dr. Galdikas, who has spent the last 43 years studying and developing strategies to save orangutans from going extinct. I will post many pictures of this remarkable place and these enchanting animals during the next days.” —Sven Lindblad

Sven’s recon mission to scout new expeditions for National Geographic Orion has moved from Indonesia to Borneo. He spent the last couple days with Dr Biruté Galdikas, one of Louis Leakey’s three proteges, the others being Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall. While Fossey studied mountain gorillas and Goodall chimpanzes, Dr. Galdikas came to Borneo to study orangutans. She is widely recognized as a world authority on orangutans and is responsible for conducting some of the longest running research on the primates. Since 1971 she’s run Camp Leakey, an orangutan reserve and rescue center for primates displaced by the growing palm oil trade in Borneo. Sven visited with her for the last day and a half.

“Dr. Galdikas, the worlds foremost researcher and protector of Orangutan’s in the world at her Care Center. These lovely animals really relate to her in a profound way.” —Sven Lindblad

“Camp Leakey orangutans feeding on the porch of Dr. Galdikas’ house. Evidently a bunch had gotten inside while she was gone and ransacked the place. All in good fun as they can be quite rambunctious.” —Sven Lindblad



Dispatch from Sven Lindblad in Indonesia

Sven’s recon mission to Borneo and Indonesia continues. He’s been able to email us a few images to share from this scouting expedition despite some Internet connectivity issues (one more thing our guests aboard National Geographic Orion won’t have to endure when we sail here).

“Walking amongst rice paddies in Bali is somehow one of the most peaceful of activities.”

“This is the culmination of a remarkable day leading up to several cremations in Bali.”

“Mutiara Laut. Forty-five meters of pure bliss. Our home for the next week to explore Komodo National Park and beyond.”

“Isabella’s first real dive off of Komodo Island. She’s a natural. Can’t wait to share some of the underwater photography. It’s been spectacular in so many ways.”

“One of the many manta rays at Manta Alley off of #Komodo Island. Incredible experience where we saw up to 6 at a time.”

“Children from the village of Kodi on the Island of Sumba. Scattered throughout the island are traditional villages mixed up with concrete modern structures. The beaches on Sumba are clearly some of the most beautiful in the world.”

“Looking out from Flores to surrounding islands.”

“Evening off of Flores Island. Lots of small boat traffic, many of which look like they could too over with a whisper of wind.”

“Last night on our boat. Now heading to great adventure in Borneo, so the cushy life is definitely behind us.”



Sven is in Indonesia — Follow Along!

Sven Lindblad is on a recon mission in Indonesia & Borneo scouting potential locations for new expeditions. He’s dragging his camera, video, and scuba gear on 11 flights over three weeks (something our future guests aboard National Geographic Orion won’t have to endure).

“Heading off on a recon to #Indonesia and #Borneo tomorrow after a hiatus of 21 years. I’ll keep you posted as we go along.” -Sven Lindblad

Right now he’s in Bali, where we currently offer our guests completing their Borneo expeditions a 2-day extension to explore the island’s picturesque beaches, verdant countryside, and rain forest trails.

Follow Sven’s adventure in real-time on Instagram.

And check back here, we’ll be sharing his photos, too!

“Gear, gear, gear — sometimes I’m just photographing stills or video or scuba diving — this time all of the above. Have no idea yet where all of this stuff will fit but fortunately few clothes are necessary. Thanks B&H Photo Video for getting me kitted out.”

“July 19 – the first of 11 flights on this journey. New York /Stockholm to pick up kids in Uppsala. We then continue, same day.”

“Day 2. About to leave Stockholm for leg 2 of 11. Picked up Isabella and Eric this morning. Next stop Bangkok. Here Isabella has last shot at two favorites. Spaghetti pomodoro and Facebook. Both will be gone soon.”

“Eric begins to get very curious about the diversity of people about to board Thai Airways bound for Bangkok.”

“Flight #3of 11. Bangkok to Bali. Long day long layover. Bangkok airport Is an enormous mall where Art of Hindu Deities mix it up with Gucci and Hermes.”

“Bali. Finally here. Exhausted.”

“Just arrived at our house in Ubud. Very nice simple, peaceful, but most importantly no more airplanes for four days.”

“Isabella/ first of four check out dives before her #PADI certification. With #CrystalDivers of Sanur Bali. A Scandinavian outfit. This is a big exciting step.”

“See you in 45 Isabella. Learn and be safe.”

“Balinese doorways –old, mysterious. It’s so great being back here.”