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Sparking the Movement to Get Kids Outdoors

Nature kids


Sven Lindblad and
Lindblad Expeditions
recently hosted the Children & Nature Network’s “Big Dreams Win,” a 2-day forum aboard National Geographic Sea Bird. Among other topics, the forum discussed ways to spark the movement to get kids to spend more time in nature, as espoused in Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. If you’re interested in meeting Richard Louv, he’ll join us aboard National Geographic Explorer for our Arctic cruise, Land of the Ice Bears in June of 2011.

Meet the Lindblad Expeditions Executive Chef

Chef video

The Video Chronicler aboard National Geographic Sea Lion spent a day of our Panama cruise inside the Executive Chef’s kitchen. Gary Jenanyan has been training chefs at Lindblad Expeditions for more than 14 years, and in the video he describes what inspires his menus.

Happy Thanksgiving from Lindblad Expeditions!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lindblad Expeditions


Meet Bette Lu Krause, aka Auntie Captain Lulabelle

Bette Lu Krause; Photo by naturalist Sharon Grainger

Lindblad Expeditions naturalist Bette Lu Krause had a whole career as a merchant marine and tug captain sailing the high seas and dodging icebergs for 20 years before coming to Lindblad as chief mate on the National Geographic Sea Bird and Sea Lion in 1992. She says her love for and learning about wild places is lifelong, and the opportunity to develop her skills as a naturalist has been an incredible gift.
And this weekend she’ll be part of an art stroll in Ocean Park, Washington.
Here’s how she describes her art:
“My art took a more serious turn about 12 years ago, when I changed mediums and started working with acrylics – I mostly use a palette knife and love to work on canvas; allowing the image to reveal what it wants to be through many layers and days of painting. I find that I am particularly inspired to paint scenes from Southeast Alaska; though I also have paintings of whales and of Baja California.”
And here’s info on her event taking place November 26 & 27th:
There are now over 30 local artists represented and the quality of the work is really quite amazing. All of the artists tucked into the forests of this rural place led us to developing a studio tour. This is the 3rd one, and the long narrow peninsula is a great venue for the event and a special opportunity to visit artists where they live and work. You can download a map for the tour

Archaeologists Unearth 12 More Sphinx Statues in Egypt

Newly discovered sphinx in Egypt
The antiquities department of Egypt announced that archaeologists have uncovered 12 more sphinx statues. They line an ancient avenue that dates back to Pharaoh Nectanebo I, who ruled from 280-362 B.C.  When exploring Egypt, Lindblad Expeditions guests make a stop at Luxor, where these new sphinx statues were unearthed.

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Photos of the Week: November 15

Rockhopper penguin

The Photos of the Week arrived early from expedition staff and guests aboard our Galápagos cruises and Antarctica cruise.

Photographer Spots Surfing Orcas in New Zealand

Surfing Orca

While we’re no stranger to dolphins bow riding the wave of our ship, surfing orcas is a new one. When a swell kicked up in New Zealand some locals were on hand with cameras to capture the action. Sea lions, dolphins and plenty of other mammals (including humans) surf, but orcas have rarely been photographed in the act. See more at Northern Advocate, and if you’re interested, check out our New Zealand cruise.



In Search of South Georgia Pipits

South Georgia Pippit video

Lindblad Expeditions Naturalist Richard White takes guests on a walk in search of the South Georgia pipits. It’s the only songbird below the Antarctic convergence, and it stays in South Georgia year round, so this is the only place in the world you can see it. Colorful King penguins, wandering albatrosses and Antarctic fur seals all fall by the wayside on the search for this tiny, brown songbird.


Expedition Photos of the Week: November 15

The Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Photos of the Week have arrived. This week the dispatches from the fleet come from our Galápagos cruise, Pacific Northwest cruise, Antarctica expedition and our Costa Rica & Panama cruise.

Simon Winchester’s New Book: ‘The Atlantic’

Atlantic, Simon Winchester

Simon Winchester’s

 name popped up in our office the other day while we were discussing Global Luminaries we’d love to add to our Epic 70 expedition. Winchester’s known for his best-selling books, including
The Professor and the Madman
, and he’s currently on a book tour promoting his latest work,
Atlantic: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories
. We can’t imagine a better book to read while crossing the Atlantic on our Epic 70 cruise.

Check in on his U.S. book tour here – we’re hoping to convince him to embark his next book tour aboard National Geographic Explorer!