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Falklands Hydroponic Farming with Lindblad Expeditions’ Jamie Regan

Jamie Regan of Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions is a company built on forming relationships within the communities we explore. Stanley Growers in the Falkland Islands is a great example of this. Recently, I had the opportunity to tour the growing facilities and learn about the operations owned and run by Tim and Jan Miller.
Started in 1988, this operation which began as a hobby has grown into a prospering venture! This has not only affected the ships that visit the Falkland Islands, but more so the local population…


A Sperm Whale Family Passing Through the Azores


I came across this video of a sperm whale family passing through the Azores the other day. The shot is part of National Geographic’s Great Migrations program, and it was of special interest to us because we’ll be exploring here on our upcoming Island Odyssey expedition. In fact, our cruise through the Azores is timed to coincide with the height of the whale migration. Intrigued? Take a look at Island Odyssey: Azores, Madeira, Canary & Channel Isles.

Sunrise at a King Penguin Colony

King penguin video

Watch the sunrise over the King penguin colony on St. Andrew’s Bay in this time lapse video. The video chronicler aboard National Geographic Explorer setup alongside our guests, and they tucked in for a dawn show. There are more than 150,000 King penguins nesting here. See it yourself on one of our Antarctica cruises.

Expedition Photos of the Week: November 8th

The Lindblad Expedition-National Geographic Photos of the Week came from guests and expedition staff on our South Georgia & Falklands cruise, Galápagos cruise and – for the first time of the season – our Costa Rica & Panama cruise.

Rent Your Own Island in the Bahamas? It’s Not for Everyone

David Carr from The New York Times packed up for a week on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. While a lot of us would look forward to the seclusion and sunsets, he had a hard time imagining delinking from his digital life. The story’s an interesting study on what’s really important when unplugging from the day-to-day. The article is My Own Private (Rental) Island, in the Bahamas.


Protecting Galapagos Hawks While Eradicating Rats

Galapagos Hawk

Authorities in Galápagos are inviting veterinaries to the islands to help them keep one animal safe while trying to get rid of another. Ten of the islands have suffered a small population of Norwegian rats since they were introduced by sailors in 17th century. Next week authorities will begin to eradicate the rat population using a variety of methods including some poison. Of the 800 remaining Galápagos Hawks, 22 live among the 10 islands that will be treated for rats, and to ensure that these hawks don’t prey on poisoned rats, they’ll be taken into protective captivity. One of the veterinaries invited is writing a blog about her experiences.

Fish Tacos and Record Books

We might not get mentioned in the record books, but we’ll always know that
Lindblad Expeditions
was part of the record-setting fish burrito in La Paz, Mexico. While scouring the city for tables to layout their 1.6-mile-long burrito, representatives from the attempt asked if they could borrow a few from us. Four tables kept in storage for use aboard
National Geographic Sea Lion
were loaned. The event is sanctioned by Guinness World Records, but you (probably) won’t see us mentioned in the listing.


Shooting for National Geographic for Nearly 50 Years

Galapagos Video screenshot

National Geographic Photographer James Blair has been shooting for the magazine since 1962. Last week he joined us for a Galápagos cruise aboard National Geographic Endeavour, and we caught him on video talking about the shift in photography from film to digital. He goes on about how technology in point-and-shoot cameras have developed to the point that they take photos rivaling old SLRs. Though in the video he also kneels in a puddle while photographing a giant tortoise, so I guess he’s learned a trick or two with using SLRs.


Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Photos of the Week: November 1

Canyon Palouse Falls

Photos of the Week come to us from our Galápagos cruise, Lewis & Clark cruise in the Pacific Northwest, and National Geographic Explorer cruising the Falklands & South Georgia.

What Else Would You Expect to See on Leopard Seal Beach?

Falklands video aboard National Geographic Explorer

During our South Georgia and Falkland cruise this week our Naturalists and guests spotted a leopard seal hauled out on Leopard Seal Beach. While this might seem like a foregone conclusion, the truth is that the beach’s namesake is more a thing of legend – in our 40 years of exploring South Georgia, we’ve never seen a leopard seal on Leopard Seal Beach. Check out the video, and read our Daily Expedition Report written by Tom Ritchie.