Neko Harbour

Feb 12, 2020 - National Geographic Explorer

Today we woke up looking forward to our first continental landing! Neko Harbor is a very beautiful location, with a gentoo penguin colony close to a very active glacier (as we saw through the sights of the many glaciers calving during our visit!). Even if we were expecting a great day, nothing could have prepared us for what we were going to experience during our Zodiac rides! Some of the friendliest humpback whales that we have ever seen in Antarctica came and played around us. The humpbacks went under the Zodiacs, checked us out closely, and one of the youngsters even rolled around and showed us his flippers! It was an amazing experience that we will surely always remember.

Our morning ended with a call for the famous polar plunge, and some of our most adventurous explorers tested the frigid waters of Antarctica. During the afternoon we sailed north, in the direction of the Weddell Sea, in search of even more incredible and breathtaking experiences. Good night, Antarctica!

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About the Author

Javier Cotin


Javier 's passion for birds and nature began as a child exploring the Pyrenees mountains with his father. The mystery that surrounds the Lammergeier silhouette triggered his curiosity and interest towards wildlife. Javier studied biology in Spain and Norway, and was awarded his PhD at the University of Barcelona in 2012, titled “Birds as bioindicators of pollution in terrestrial and aquatic environments”. Within it he mainly studied the trophic ecology and pollution levels of land and waterbirds, with a particular focus on how human activities affect bird populations and dynamics. His work provided important information for conservation management of wetlands and terrestrial habitats and the species that utilize them.

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