Asia & Pacific

The Mekong River is a lifeline connecting Cambodia & Vietnam, countries with very different cultures and deeply held traditions. Cruise aboard the luxurious riverboat Jahan to experience the pace of river life and come to know Asia and Pacific travel in a more intimate way. Plus, discover the sublime ruins of Angkor and the bustle of Saigon. 

New Zealand

Coastal New Zealand: Auckland to Milford Sound

16 days

Jan / Dec

From $19,310 to $37,500

Pacific Islands

Ancient Polynesia: Tuamotus and Marquesas Islands

12 days

Jun / Jul

From $11,760 to $25,980

Pacific Islands

Azure Seas from Tahiti to the Marquesas

17 days


From $16,870 to $36,690

Pacific Islands

French Polynesia: Beyond the Postcard

10 days

Apr / May

From $8,490 to $18,410

Pacific Islands

Pearls of the Pacific: Exploring The Society and Tuamotu Islands

12 days

May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep

From $11,760 to $25,980

Pacific Islands

Tahiti to Fiji: Reefs, Lagoons and Volcanic Isles

16 days

Mar / Sep

From $15,160 to $32,940

Pacific Islands

Wild Polynesian Escape: Tahiti to Bora Bora

7 days

May / Jun / Aug

From $5,880 to $12,990

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