The Expedition Experience

A region lost to time and enveloped in lore, the remote archipelagos we explore are true paradises both on earth and below the surface of their translucent waters. Sailing through channels dotted with small, uninhabited islands we can hop in Zodiacs or kayaks to have a palm-lined white sand beach to ourselves or dive among creatures ranging from pygmy seahorses to giant clams. Spotting Komodo dragons or red birds of paradise in their natural habits are awe-inspiring moments that will not be soon forgotten. Heartily welcomed by friendly villagers, we learn about life in places where locals race water buffaloes and don’t use paper currency. Add the more cosmopolitan delights of  Singapore and Bali, and the pull of this far-flung region becomes impossible to ignore.

Top 10 Reasons

Immersive adventure & special access to rare and abundant wildlife--see how

Fascinating Wildlife on Land and Sea

Dazzling marine life, endemic birds & the world’s largest reptile, found only here

Pack Your Camera

A National Geographic photographer & a photo instructor aboard to inspire & assist you. Find out more.

Indonesia Expedition Team

Travel with knowledgeable, interesting companions


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