Top 10 Reasons

See why traveling with us to this fascinating region should be on your must-do list.

1. Experience awe-inspiring wonders

Put your toes in the rose-colored sand of Pink Beach, one of only seven in the world; come face to face with a Komodo dragon or a Bird of Paradise; see the soaring peaks of some of the region’s more than 100 volcanoes; feel the primal nature of untouched surroundings; marvel at the stunning beauty of life under water.

2. Encounter exotic undersea creatures

From pygmy sea horses to giant clams, Manta rays to reef sharks, the region’s spectacular reefs and steep coral walls are bursting with exotic, colorful life.

3. Explore uninhabited islands

While navigating remote archipelagos, we have the opportunity to explore uninhabited islands, walking on untouched beaches and experiencing the amazing life under water snorkeling, diving, or keeping dry in a glass-bottomed Zodiac.

4. Spot Komodo dragons

In the only place on earth where you can observe the legendary Komodo dragon on its own turf, explore Komodo National Park with a guide, looking for these unique prehistoric creatures that can reach nine feet.

5. Be among the very few to encounter the Asmat people

As remote as remote gets, the Asmat people live as they have since the dawn of time. Discover their ancient traditions and exquisite art while exploring their stilt villages by Zodiac.

6. Appreciate traditional craftsmanship

Many of the communities we explore are known for special artistic skills such as the Asmat people, who are renowned for their woodcarving, and the village of Watublapi, known for producing some of the finest ikat weaving in the world.

7. Learn about the region’s many cultures

A mélange of welcoming peoples live on the far-flung islands we explore. The communities’ mixes of ethnicities, religions, languages, and cultural traditions provide a fascinating window on how they live.

8. Connect with locals

We will be greeted in many communities by customary welcome ceremonies that include dancing and singing. Residents are excited to share traditional cultural expressions and show us around their villages.

9. Step into history

Immerse yourself in history by walking in secret underground Japanese bunkers in Kokas, the Dutch East India Company’s Fort Belgica, and sites in Honiara where the Battle of Guadalcanal unfolded.

10. See the famous work of Ubud’s artisans

Travel through terraced rice paddies and have time to explore Bali’s famous town of Ubud where skilled artisans craft beautiful silver pieces, wood carvings, and batik.

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