Pack Your Camera

Capture the spectacular scenery on film with expert tips

Thanks to our Expedition Photography Program you’ll have the assistance you need to take the best shots of your life with the help of a National Geographic photographer and a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor. With soaring mountain ranges, steep fjords, and crashing waterfalls, plus wildlife encounters, plant life, and city scenes, shutters will be constantly clicking.

A National Geographic photographer is on every departure of National Geographic Orion. Top professionals whose images have animated the pages of National Geographic provide advice and give illuminating talks and slideshows. In addition, your certified photo instructor, a veteran naturalist, is trained to assist you with your camera model. He or she will provide instruction, on-the spot-assistance and shooting tips. These experts will be at your side providing advice and encouragement, and assisting you with camera settings, framing, composition, and lighting. You’ll also get to participate in unique share-and-learn opportunities too, like one-to-one critiques, onboard presentations and slideshows, plus laptop gallery events.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re using a smartphone or toting big glass. You’ll enhance your skill level and return home a better, more confident photographer—with an outstanding New Zealand photo album.

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