Itinerary Overview

Uncover the tropical beauty and important cultural history of the South Seas

Following in the wake of Captain Cook, we will journey from New Zealand’s North Island to the Solomon Sea. Delve into a fascinating history of intrepid explorers, convicts, and traders; and learn about the rich cultures of the Maoris and the Melanesians. Examine traditional carved houses and ancient caves and meet villagers on the some of the most remote islands of the South Pacific. Along the way, don your snorkel and fins to discover incredible coral reefs and lagoons.

Expedition Highlights

  • Encounter an impressive diversity of cultures from the Maori of the Bay of Islands to the spear dancers of the Solomons, and delve into their artistic and spiritual traditions.
  • Venture to the former penal colony of Norfolk Island, now a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting the unusual trees now called Norfolk Island pines.
  • See the stunning limestone geology of New Caledonia at Isle of Pines and visit a cave filled with primitive tree ferns.
  • Visit important World War II sites, including the wreck of the S.S. President Coolidge and the Battle of Guadalcanal.
  • Come ashore at Tikopia. Meet the local chiefs of the traditional villages and learn about the cyclone that almost devastated the island in 2002—without any loss of life.
  • See the fantastic fishing canoes of the people of Utupua and take a Zodiac ride along their mangrove-studded lagoon.

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