Vietnam & Cambodia & Families

There's something for everyone on an expedition

Whether you're traveling as a nuclear family unit, or as a multi-generational clan, we offer you and yours far more than simply a physical space to be in together. Grandparents, parents, and children get the rare opportunity to genuinely connect in a totally natural way-sharing shipboard life, sharing activities, sharing the discoveries, and creating a genuinely collective family memory.

Daily activities to share
Our Vietnam and Cambodia tours offer activities  daily that will satisfy a diverse range of interests and the fitness levels of the various family members, from city tours to long walks or hikes. You can opt to do them together, or let everyone pursue their own interests. There's something about exploring new places and having new experiences that brings out the vibrant, youthful side in everyone, putting family members of all ages, all on the same page. And getting together for dinner every evening to recount or relive experiences is one of the chief joys of a family expedition. You'll make memories to always remember-together.

The role of the ship
The ship is not merely a space you can stay in together, it's an essential element in your shared adventure. Even if you go separate ways during the day, pursuing daily activities, you can count on never being too far away, the spontaneous fun of running into each other, and the opportunity to gravitate to each other easily and naturally, with no intervening distance. If you have kids along, they can't ever get too far away, yet they're also able to safely exercise their own independence. Often kids' tables form in the dining room, giving kids the chance to create their own friendships. In other cases, families allow kids to freely join different activities groups by day, then participate in family dinners every night.

Part of the expedition community
Each day the entire expedition community gathers in the lounge for a tradition we call Recap in which various members of the expedition team recount the days activities, make presentations, and the expedition leader discusses the next day's plan. Inclusive, convivial, with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres a part of it, Recap is yet another opportunity for sharing and shared memory making. Guest have told us over the years, that being part of the expedition community helped them see themselves as a family more clearly, and re-affirmed their bonds in vitalizing new ways.

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