The Expedition Experience

From Ha Long Bay’s ethereal archipelago to the vibrant street life of major cities, Vietnam enchants with widely varying experiences. Expert guides and historians provide insight into centuries of heritage and unravel the complexities of this colorful, welcoming, and strikingly beautiful country. Sail aboard the luxurious National Geographic Orion, intimate in scale, and sized to nimbly explore secluded bays and observe village life up close.

What It's Like/What You'll Do

How you’ll spend your time and reward your curiosity

Cultural Experiences

Visit the temples of Hoi An, enjoy the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City and more.

Vietnam Through Food

Where you’ll go & what you’ll taste—joined in one sensory experience

Life Aboard

Amenities, great food, camaraderie & more—explore in extraordinary comfort

Pack Your Camera

Our certified photo instructors will assist you in capturing the ideal Vietnam travel photos. Bring your camera aboard to capture unforgettable shots.

Vietnam Expedition Team

Share the adventure with knowledgeable, engaging companions


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