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Discover the ancient stone temples of the Maya

Explore the most important complex of the ancient Maya civilization. Stone temples, palaces, ceremonial platforms, terraces, roads, and ball-game courts are all that remain of this once great political and military center. See the highly detailed stone carvings that tell the dynastic history of the city that was occupied up until about 900 A.D. Our local experts and expedition staff will share the stories of this culture to weave their history into a meaningful, enlightening Belize excursion.

A day-and-a-half devoted to Tikal
Take time to explore the many temples, including Temple I, where we’ll climb 172-steps up the side of this large structure to examine the funerary shrine perched at the top and take in the surrounding rain forest view. Explore the North Acropolis, which served as a royal necropolis for about 1,300 years and has over 40 incredibly well-preserved stelae, ritualistic stone monuments. And see the South Acropolis, which covers more than 220,000 sq. feet.

See splendid, lesser-known temples too
Spend time off the beaten path at temples like stunning Yaxha, the third largest ruin in the Maya world, beautifully situated on a ridge overlooking Yaxha Lake. And venture to Topoxte by sailing across a lake and landing on an island cloaked in rain forest where we see these incredible ruins.

Plus, feel the beat of Belize
Our ethnomusicologist, Jacob Edgar, has arranged for a performance by the internationally renowned Garifuna Collective, the premier representative of Garifuna music from Belize on the international stage. This troupe of extraordinary singers brings together the deep cultural roots of Garifuna music, mixed with modern grooves, arrangements, and instruments. Learn more about them at

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