Belize & Guatemala Wildlife

Reefs and tropical rain forests teeming with unique life

The diverse ecosystems and habitats of Belize and Guatemala harbor a wide spectrum of sea life and neotropical fauna and flora. Travel Belize and explore it all with knowledgeable naturalists who are the key to unlocking the natural wonder of this region.

Discover incredible marine life along the Belize Barrier Reef

Using our expedition ship as a platform for exploring the Mesoamerican Reef means we can take you where others simply cannot go. This is the largest reef system in the Northern Hemisphere and we’ll explore the protected areas that thrive along the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site for its incredible biodiversity, it is home to hundreds of species of fish, sea turtles, rays, and manatees, plus 65 species of hard coral and 35 species of soft coral. As only a small percentage of the reef has been studied, researchers believe hundreds or thousands more species could be discovered. Plus look forward to excellent birdwatching—including a visit to the red-footed booby nesting colony at Half Moon Caye.

Explore the wildlife of the vast Maya Biosphere Reserve
Maya Biosphere Reserve, more than twice the size of Yellowstone National Park, is home to more than 400 species of birds, jaguars, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, tapirs, and tropical forest including giant ceiba trees, the sacred tree of the Mayas. While we probably won’t see the highly elusive jaguars or four other big cats that live in this rain forest, you’re certain to see monkeys swinging through the trees as we explore the pre-Columbian temples of Tikal. 

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