Expedition Team

Our team of experts is the key to enriching your adventure

Over the decades of exploring Costa Rica and Panama, the quality of our veteran staff, and their companionship is the reason the Lindblad name is known and respected for top-quality expeditions. And, together with National Geographic, there is no better team anywhere.

The most robust expedition team in Costa Rica & Panama
Explore with one staff member on board for every 12 guests—the most robust team working in Costa Rica and Panama. Every expedition sails with a five-person team including a veteran expedition leader and four more naturalists. Other members of the team include an undersea specialist and a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor. Together they provide you with a greater understanding and appreciation for this exceptional place. 

More specialties and personalities
With more naturalists per guest than any other company in Costa Rica, you’re ensured a healthy diversity of naturalist specialties—marine and terrestrial biology, botany, ornithology, geology, and more—and personalities. You are never directed into groups. You’re free to gravitate to the naturalists whose interests mirror your own. And, our team will make each day of your expedition deeply rewarding.

Meet the expedition team for this departure

  • Emily Hyde

    Assistant Expedition Leader
    Emily grew up in the beautiful, rainy Pacific Northwest. Born and raised on Vashon Island, she then moved to nearby Seattle to attend the University of Washington. After completing her degree in English Literature, Emily spent the next year preparing for and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with her older brother. There she discovered a passion for backpacking and spent the next few years walking all over the world, from the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand to the Spanish El Camino to the Laugavegur trail in Iceland.

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  • Meg Lowman

    National Geographic Staff
    Margaret D. (Meg) Lowman, Ph.D., Nicknamed the “real-life Lorax” by National Geographic and “Einstein of the treetops” by Wall Street Journal, Meg Lowman pioneered the science of canopy ecology. Over 30 years ago, she first climbed tropical trees using ropes and a slingshot, and built the world’s first walkways, leading to the discovery that half of our terrestrial biodiversity lives in the canopy. She has explored trees in Costa Rica, Colombia, Belize, Panama, Peru, Malaysia, Cameroon, India, Australia and many other countries as the world’s first global arbornaut (meaning treetop explorer) and serves as a “tree ambassador” to champion forest conservation. Her international network and passion for science have led her into leadership roles to solve environmental challenges and serve as a role model to women and minorities in science. Meg is currently a National Geographic Explorer and also the Director of TREE Foundation, leading tree research, education and exploration.

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  • Steve Ewing

    Video Chronicler
    Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Steve fell in love with the beauty of the natural world at an early age. In addition to nature, his other main passion was telling stories though the medium of television and radio. Steve studied broadcast journalism at the University of Oregon. There, he learned how to shoot, edit, and report compelling stories using digital video.

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