Daily Expedition Reports

Daily reports from our days in the field

  • Punta Caletas and Corcovado National Park

    Our morning started with a breathtaking sunrise and priceless views of the Osa Peninsula, with its virgin forest and pristine endless beach. We disembark in Caletas Private Reserve for our morning activities, which included rainforest trail walks and lovely horseback riding. The trails gave us the opportunity to observe several types of birds, including tiger herons, manakins, antbirds, and several others species. Later we returned to our ship, where a delicious lunch waited for us, and prepared for our afternoon outing.

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  • Playa Blanca

    Our day started in the middle of Golfo Dulce with an easy landing at Playa Blanca. I’ve never seen such a calm water area surrounded by so many mountain ranges. It was just a spectacular place, with scarlet macaws and yellow-throated toucans flying over us. We were welcomed by local guides who led us to different farms and trails. 

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  • Golfito and Casa Orquideas

    Crossing from the Caribbean Coast to the Pacific through the Panama Canal, we woke this morning in Costa Rica’s southern port town of Golfito. Once there, we wasted no time breaking from the ship to explore the coastline and the adjacent mangrove forest. 

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  • Coiba & Granito de Oro, Panama

    This morning National Geographic Quest disembarked at the tiny island of Granito de Oro, which is part of Coiba National Park. This island is the habitat for many colorful reef fish as well as sea turtles, white-tipped reef sharks, and other invertebrates like the crown of thorns. During a very pleasant and leisurely morning and afternoon on the island, we couldn’t miss the numerous hermit crabs that crawl all over the beautiful white sand beach. This is a perfect place to practice snorkeling in the calm waters as well as do other water sports, like stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking.

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  • Bona and Iguana Islands

    In the Gulf of Panama, the powerful northeastern trade winds cross the isthmus and hit the surface of the water, causing an upwell. This effect brings an abundance of fish, and therefore some of the islands of the gulf are used as nesting sites for thousands of sea birds.

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  • Barro Colorado, Panama Canal Locks

    Today we visited the island of Barro Colorado. The island serves as a research station in the middle of the lush rainforest, surrounded by the fresh waters of the Gatun Lake. Our guests were excited to go ashore and explore the nature trails where wildlife awaits being spotted. The tropical rainforest is the home of many animals such as the howler and spider monkeys, agoutis and gaudy birds. BCI is a unique place where scientists from all over the world conduct different studies focusing on ecology, animal biomass, biodiversity studies and soil samples.

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  • Barro Colorado Island and Gatun Locks

    Today we woke up in the middle of Lake Gatun, looking at one of the most important research stations in the tropics, Barro Colorado Island.

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  • Bona Island and the Panama Canal

    After cruising overnight for 20 hours, we arrived to the Gulf of Panama. The powerful northeastern trade winds cross the isthmus and hit the surface of the water causing an upwell, this effect brings an abundance of fish and therefore some of the islands of the gulf are used as nesting sites for thousands of sea birds.

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  • Granito de Oro & Coiba National Park

    Today National Geographic Quest arrived to a tropical paradise in the eastern pacific called Coiba National Park.

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  • Casa Orquideas & Golfito, Golfo Dulce

    Today we disembarked in one of my favorite places along the Costa Rica/Panama itinerary.  The Casa Orquideas Botanical garden exhibits a beautiful sample of tropical plants from all over the world. This place is the home for a wide variety of colorful flowers, palm trees, tropical fruits and medicinal plants. At the same time, while enjoying the vibrant colors and delicate scents, guests got the chance to observe the scarlet macaws in flight as well as the amount of tanagers and honeycreeper birds that visit the garden with the promise of feeding on the bananas carefully placed in Ron and Trudy’s house, the owners of the property.

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