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  • Caletas Bay and Corcovado National Park

    I love my country. I love its people and food and more than anything else, its natural resources. After 29 years as a guide for Central America, especially Costa Rica and Panama, traveling widely around the world with the work I do (I am also a tropical biologist), the Osa Peninsula is my uncontested favorite. Not a single time in my life have I come here and not be wowed by its lush forest, green waters, blue mountains and unmatched biodiversity.

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  • Playa Blanca and the Osa Peninsula

    Today was the day to acquaint ourselves with Costa Rican families partnered with Lindblad, to witness their way of living within the rainforests of this region. We anchored in front of Playa Blanca, where we spent much of the day visiting several Costa Rican families, learning how they produce sustainably in harmony with nature. This peninsula has set aside 80 percent of its land for conservation, so it is crucial that locals combine their daily activities with the industry of eco-tourism.

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  • Golfito & Casa Orquidea

    Today we entered the second country of our journey, Costa Rica. We came into the Southernmost Gulf called Golfo Dulce – the Sweet Gulf – and into amazingly green and lush tropical rainforest covered mountains. Even deep into the dry season, this area offers green dense vegetation to meditate. Early this morning we had Golfito Port authorities check us into the country, and we began with our activities. First, in hand the kayaking or Zodiac ride amongst the Golfito estuary and in the afternoon onto the beautiful Casa Orquidea Botanical Garden.

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  • Barro Del Colorado Island

    Today we awoke halfway through the Panama Canal, in front an island, a manmade one, created when the United States flooded this area to create the waterway for the canal. The island is better known as “BCI” which stand for Barro Del Colorado Island, translate to Red Mud Island for its type of clay color soils.

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  • Bona and Taboga Island

    Right at sun rise we got ready today and headed to explore the Island of Bona, a recently declared a wildlife refuge, in which we observe a great number of nesting sea birds. We can see brown and blue-footed boobies, magnificent frigatebirds, brown pelicans and many more. After a short navigation toward the Panama Canal we stopped at the cute island of flowers, Taboga Island, there we enjoyed a colorful walk getting acquainted with the Panamanian culture.

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  • Cocos Islet | Coiba National Park

    Our first day in Panama began by visiting Coiba National Park- one of a pristine marine parks in the region. Here the biggest patch of coral reef in the eastern pacific is protect and the forest of the main Island is the house of several endemic species and subspecies of agouties, howler monkeys, etc. By visiting the ranger station our guests got the opportunities to see several species of birds as well as some of the endemic species of mammals like the Coiba agouties.

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  • Casa Orquideas and Golfito

    Our last day in Costa Rica was enjoyed by all of our guests. The morning activity was held in a lovely botanical garden known as Casa Orquideas and owned by a lovely expat couple, Ron and Trudy McCallister.

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  • Playa Blanca

    We find ourselves within one of the calmest bays of Costa Rica. Not only for exploration, today was also a great opportunity to meet and mingle with locals and learn about their culture and day-to-day of Costa Rican living.

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  • Drakes Bay and San Pedrillo

    With an incredible sunrise our morning start at Drakes Bay, Costa Rica. Our group was ready to explore the trails and fascinating ecologies of the region. Peninsula Osa is considered one of the most vibrating places on the world about abundance of wildlife. Today was just our first day of the trip and it was successful. Our first sighting was a troop of Central American spider monkeys, who were crossing over our heads braking branches and foraging for fruits. Those monkeys are unique cause are the only primates from the new world who lack thumbs. The calls of the birds were also notable on the surrounding forest even when the noise cicadas were loud as a chainsaw. We saw trogons, antbirds, and tanagers. We enjoy the walk to a waterfall, following a trail with a lot of roots and mud but with some huge trees, some of them so tall that you can see the shade that is created for them do not let anything else grow underneath. The tropical rainforest shows how humid and diverse this ecosystem is. It was a lot of fun in our first day in Costa Rica.

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  • Playa Blanca & Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

    After breakfast, we disembarked at Playa Blanca where we headed to different Costa Rican families who have shifted their way of living toward a more sustainable way of life. Some of our guests went on the gold panning/sugar mill tour, or to Alex’s Finca Köbo (a cacao farm), to Ms. Eida’s heart of palm plantation or Danta Rainforest hike.  This is an important day on our trip because we visit local families that will share with us their way of making a living in a region surrounded by protected areas. Any of the tours saw a great deal of wildlife, reinforcing the idea of local corridors for many bird species.

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