Cruise Central America, Horseback Riding Central America

On our Central America cruise there is the opportunity to go horseback riding along a forested trail paralleling the Pacific Ocean. On the Osa Peninsula, one of the wildest and wooliest areas of Costa Rica, we have someone who will bring us horses for those adventurous souls who would like to experience the effortless passage through neotropical rainforest on horseback. The trail used by horseback riders takes you through the forest (“duck your head!”) and occasionally out onto the beaches where the horses walk through surf and the wind cools and refreshes. The scenery is unique from all standpoints; in the distance we have the view of the volcanic rocks on the shore washed by the waves, the ocean sparkles with Isla Cano in the distance, and inland lie the giant trees of a mature tropical rainforest with all its hidden treasures. Who knows what eyes might be watching your passage through their world? Scarlet macaws fly over, loud, raucous, showing their lovely and colorful feathers. White-faced capuchin monkeys sometimes jump from tree to tree, foraging and ignoring the riders. A lush forest, beach and ocean are great rewards for all the explorers. At the return to the landing, the galley will have prepared a delicious picnic barbecue for lunch.

The area where we offer horsebackriding on our Costa Rica and Panama cruise lies in the buffer zome of what is the renowned Corcovado National Park. Established on 24 October 1975, the park encompasses an area of 425 km² (263 mi²) and is widely considered the crown jewel in the extensive system of national parks and biological reserves of Costa Rica. The ecological variety is awe-inspiring, and it was called by National Geographic "the most biologically intense place on Earth." It encompases the only remaining old growth wet forest on the Pacific coast of Central America, and well worth a visit!

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