Top 10 Reasons

See why exploring the British & Irish Isles with us should be on your must-do list

1. Access to remote, seldom-visited sites. This expedition offers exploration of remote parts of these isles that few have seen—even the locals. You’ll visit some of the best archaeological sites in northern Europe, see key sites in the rise of Celtic Christianity, and have a thrilling Zodiac ride in to the remotest island of the Outer Hebrides, St. Kilda. Take in the sophisticated and ancient ruins of Skara Brae and Callanish. Explore them in the company of our historians, naturalists, and archaeologists.

2. Experience matters. We first started exploring the British Isles back in 1987 and have been here virtually every year since. We know this place intimately and have forged relationships with locals that will make all the difference. This is a level of “institutional” experience that ensures peak experiences.

3. The World’s Ultimate Expedition Ship, National Geographic Explorer. Via our state-of-the-art ship, National Geographic Explorer, and using our go-anywhere Zodiacs, you’ll explore rugged scenery, sea stacks, pinnacles and cliffs carved into shape by wind and wave. Aboard Explorer, you’ll have the privilege of safely exploring these Isles in the luxury of comfort.

4. Engaging and expert expedition team. Our staff have been sharing these hidden corners of the Isles with guests for years, even decades. Their in-depth knowledge, on-the-ground experience and overwhelming enthusiasm will make your expedition. They know the region’s ancient history, the best places to encounter wildlife, and all the rare birds we may see on the voyage—and they are experts at sharing their knowledge.

5. Tools for Exploration. Our onboard fleet of 13 Zodiacs and 36 double kayaks allow us to land in remote locations, and have up-close personal discoveries. The ship is also equipped with a remote-controlled crow’s nest camera with real-time footage broadcast on video screens within each cabin; a video microscope to view the invisible facets of the rich undersea, and a hydrophone.

6. National Geographic photographer. A National Geographic photographer is on every departure aboard National Geographic Explorer. These tops pros are at your side and at your service—providing advice and timely tips. Access to photographers of this caliber will help you improve your skills and ensure you’ll go home with incredible photos. 

7. Local flavor. Whether it’s through our regional specialties served in the dining room, freshly and sustainably caught fish, a beer at the pub or a piper brought aboard, we strive to give you a full sensory, immersive experience into this rich culture.

8. The ease of travel. Days are spent exploring the picturesque isles, villages, wilderness, and towns of the region, and all the details are left to us. Traveling aboard National Geographic Explorer means you never have to change hotels and you’ll only unpack once. And if you choose to add an extension to your expedition, you will find we link it seamlessly with our experience.

9. “Je ne sais quoi”—that certain something on National Geographic Explorer. It’s impossible to articulate, yet impossible to not feel: the spirit and camaraderie between the ship’s personnel and the guests. Once aboard, you’re family. Perhaps that’s why 54% of the guests on National Geographic Explorer have traveled aboard before.

10. Exclusive Video Chronicle of your expedition. Being in the moment, immersed in the experience is the joy of travel. So, a professional video chronicler (VC) is aboard to capture the expedition moments you’ll want to remember for you. You can relax, and never worry that you’ve missed anything. Your VC will professionally edit and package the voyage chronicle, making it available for purchase before you disembark the ship.

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