Itinerary Overview

Windswept isles, emerald mountains, and unique history

Sail through the heart of fjord country and experience the unforgettable beauty of western Norway’s stark cliffs and the windswept isles of Scotland. You’ll kayak below emerald mountains in the dramatic Sognefjorden, and step ashore at Undredal to explore its 12th Century stave church. You’ll cross the North Sea to encounter rich marine life, as well as the fascinating intermingling of Nordic and Celtic cultures. Visit a Shetland pony farm, a Fair Isle seabird research station, the marvelous Stone Age megaliths of Orkney, the sacred Christian sites of Iona. Perhaps you’ll dive the historic wrecks of Scapa Flow or hike to the lighthouse on Sumburgh Head, and you’ll discover the unique heritage of the Inner Hebrides archipelago on our way to Dublin.

  • Kayak the mirror-like waters of Norway’s Sognefjorden, and discover hidden inlets by Zodiac.
  • Discover Viking longhouses, Stone Age megaliths, a Norwegian stave church, and Iron Age fortifications.
  • Get up close to spectacular wildlife—puffins, guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, and Shetland Ponies, to name a few.

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