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Itinerary design and development has always been a Lindblad Expeditions art, and our Europe 2.0 program combines the best of independent travel with having someone thoughtfully handle the logistics for you and ensure unanticipated delights.

Our Europe field team has developed exclusive opportunities—behind-the-scenes visits, dining experiences, concerts and performances, and more—ones you wouldn’t otherwise experience, everywhere we go. We’ll visit a private French chocolate house for a chocolate demonstration, enjoy a private performance by a famous local musician at a traditional cider house, and gather mussels with fishermen in Villagarcia de Arousa.

In addition, our voyages are deliberately paced to allow more time in ports so you can explore deeper, with at least one evening ashore for a local dinner, and the nighttime delight of charming towns. And most importantly, we’ve also built in time for you to explore on your own.

You’ll never miss a one-of-a-kind view, an enriching encounter, a photogenic sunset, or the magic of the totally unexpected. It’s a way to travel that puts the unforgettable in otherwise memorable experiences.

Meet Jacob Edgar, your ethnomusicologist

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