Seamlessly Connected & Continuous

Complimentary extensions & 10% savings on connected voyages

Combine voyages to save 10%

See more of what you love by combining two or more voyages and take 10% off each voyage. You may desire to take two or more voyages back-to-back. Or enjoy one journey, disembark to visit a particular region on your own, and then rejoin National Geographic Orion on another embarkation date for a different segment of her journey in a different region. This “hop on-hop off” approach is just one more way we are dedicating ourselves to giving you a unique European experience on your terms. 

Premium hotels to bookend your travel
Our Experience Designers have selected a premium hotel in each departure and arrival city to pad your take-off or landing, so to speak. Our Expedition Specialists will happily make the arrangements for you. Call for pricing and more details. 

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