Itinerary Overview

Discover the historic & idyllic

Voyage from Copenhagen to London along the inland waterways of the North Sea, exploring beautiful coastal cities as well as the crucial and storied role the region has played in history. Stroll through charming, canal-side towns that sprang up along Old-World trade routes. Marvel at the elaborate architecture of medieval ruling capitals. And reflect at the sites of battles that helped determine the outcome of World War II. National Geographic Explorer will be your warm and welcoming home base as you experience Europe from a unique vantage point.    

  • Take in the stunning architecture in Lübeck, a medieval German city founded in 1143 that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site 
  • Cruise the storybook canals of Bruges on a private boat tour 
  • Explore Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to see “The Night Watch”, perhaps the most famous of Rembrandt’s paintings 
  • Walk in the footsteps of Allied soldiers along Omaha Beach, a WWII site that was part of the largest amphibious invasion in history 
  • Sail past England’s otherworldly Cliffs of Dover, white-chalk cliffs rising 350 feet from the sea 
  • Navigate up the River Thames and under Tower Bridge, one of London’s most recognizable landmarks 

From the waterways of Copenhagen and Amsterdam, to the canals of Bruges. 

“Half of the Netherlands is below sea level. More than half of its population of 17 million is directly affected by climate change. But then, that’s something the Dutch have been tackling for millen-nia. We’re now busy exporting our engineering expertise to other nations facing similar problems, the sinking cities of Djakarta and Bangkok, the coast of Bangladesh, the Mississippi estuary in Louisiana or the complicated coastal defences of New York and New Jersey. Traveling through the Netherlands will give you unique insight into this fascinating tradition, and the engineering innova-tion necessary to keep our country safe, while keeping biodiversity intact.” KOEN KLEIJN, Cultural Expert 

Taste some of the incredible food that can only be produced in regions that have developed their traditions over countless generations. 

“Many centuries ago the monks and merchants of Belgium and Germany began a tradition of brewing wonderfully varied and flavorful beers. Today those traditions are still very much alive; Northern Europe in general and Belgium in particular are ground zero for globetrotting beer lovers, so we’ll offer a number of opportunities to experience ales, lagers, lambics and other styles. We’ll sample a number of famous standards, little-known rarities and the best examples of the new craft brewing revolution. Along the way we will also learn about brewing, experience the growing culi-nary art of pairing beers with food and visit a historic pub or two, to immerse in this convivial part of Northern European life.”  —DAVID COTHRAN, Certified Photo Instructor & Naturalist 

And chocolate! 

“This voyage takes us through some of the most renowned chocolate centers in the world. Over the 19th and 20th centuries, visionaries, chefs, and entrepreneurs in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and France changed the course of culinary history. Not only did their technological ad-vancements and trade help build a global chocolate industry, they also helped to define chocolate as a unique and “more-ish” luxury, whose taste and texture is unlike any other food. We’ll journey through this culinary history, tasting our way through the national “chocolate palates” of several countries, and becoming chocolate connoisseurs along the way. —KRISTY LEISSLE, Chocolate Expert 

Focus on music 

“There is no better way to experience a destination than through its music. A new generation of musicians are drawing on ancient traditions to create new and exciting sounds that connect the past with the future. From innovative approaches to British sea chanties and bohemian French chanson, to the inspiring young guns of the Dutch and Flemish folk revival, you’ll be amazed by the variety of musical talents you will enjoy on this voyage. I’ve curated a special selection of my favorite artists from the region just for this trip, and their presentations will not only entertain and enchant you, they will also enlighten you by providing a deeper connection to the history, languages and cultures of this unique part of the world.” —JACOB EDGAR, Ethnomusicologist 

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