What it's Like/What You'll Do

Actively explore every day 

EUR_inline_scot_0514_080.jpgOur Europe itineraries combine the glorious passivity of having everything arranged for you, with the assurance of active discovery in these carefully curated expeditions. 

Meander through medieval cobblestone streets. Zodiac around seaports and hidden coves. Walk historic shores. Sample local food and drink.  Whichever European journey you choose you are sure to have a dynamic and fully engaged experience of the physical and cultural landscape of the region. Every day offers choices and flexibility, and you can be assured that you will not be herded in large groups through tiny European streets. Be as active, or as leisured, as you choose. Rev up or slow down. It’s up to you.

Authentic encounters & expert companions 

Lindblad Expeditions’ reputation is built on the perfect harmony between the places we go, and the people who accompany you. Our renowned staff has been the conduit to insight for thousands of travelers. For over 50 years our meticulously planned itineraries have been conceived of as a narrative whole rather than a succession of episodic events, leading to meaning and memories. 

Traveling in the company of excellent European historians and regional experts, you’ll see more and gain a richer perspective on art, history, sustainability and more of what makes each individual region we explore unique and interesting. Return home something of a passionate expert yourself, and with improved photography skills thanks to our onboard National Geographic photographers. 

Spend your time on what matters to you & leave the details to us 

EUR_inline_BI298.jpgWe’ve designed our Europe itineraries to orchestrate an engaging, illuminating experience each day with plenty of choices. Choose among walking tours, dining opportunities, hikes and cultural excursions. In addition, museum and cathedral visits are pre-planned, and, of course, time is built in for you to explore on your own. 

Imagine visiting multiple European countries with no tedious airports or train stations, no transfer points to find on a map, no packing and unpacking every day. Your well-appointed hotel travels with you. And,  you'll enter the great European cities greet them as they were originally built to be greeted—by sea. Sail into the most beautiful ports in the world and experience the grandeur of the medieval and Renaissance architectural imaginations.

Enjoy the daily ritual

Each evening at cocktail hour, the entire expedition community gathers in the lounge for a ritual we call Recap. As you enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, various onboard experts share enlightening highlights from the day and your expedition leader will outline the following day’s schedule. Guests often tell us in comment cards that Recap remains one of the fondest memories of their voyage.

Savor time aboard ship

The Lindblad-National Geographic fleet boasts plenty to keep you busy on board. The public rooms include a well-stocked library and observation lounges and decks, chart room, and a 24-hour beverage station. Relax or read in the lounge, work up a sweat in the state-of-the-art fitness center, or book yourself a spa treatment from our talented wellness specialist. And when the ship is underway, linger on the bow for a unique view of the surrounding landscape, visit the bridge for an up-close look at the ship’s command center, or head to an outdoor deck at night for a bit of stargazing.

Cultural Experiences 

Explore picturesque towns and beautiful waterways, the charms of which almost belie the influence and power this region has had throughout history, from medieval to modern times. Depending on which expedition you choose, you will visit museums, historical sights, cathedrals, learn about the unique architecture, guided by experts, historians and naturalists, and have time to explore on your own as well. 

Browse the day-by-day itinerary for each of our Europe itineraries to see exactly what you will experience and which countries and cities you will visit. We also invite you to browse through past daily expedition reports to see what happened onboard on past voyages. 

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