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National Geographic Explorer

We built National Geographic Explorer—the flagship of our fleet—to be the most technologically advanced, fully stabilized, and accommodating expedition cruise ship in the world. Explorer carries 148 guests in 81 cabins, 13 with balconies. She is equipped with a full discovery toolbox—enabling you to see, do, and learn, more. Her size and nimbleness offer the perfect combination of safety and the ability to go to out-of-the-way coastal islands and other places where cruise ships cannot go. 

Life on board–informal, relaxed, engaging 

National Geographic Explorer is modernist by design, with clean lines and an elegant interior. Her stylish setting is completely compatible, however, with relaxed informality: there’s no need to dress up ever. And you’re invited to freely roam this expansive, welcoming ship, discovering all her nooks and crannies. You’ll find sociability in the lounge where the expedition community gathers each evening for cocktails and Recap. And you’ll find camaraderie kindles in the dining room, and in the bistro bar, where cappuccinos and lattes are available at any time. Enjoy a card game or a session with binoculars in the observation lounge. Enjoy the peace of a well-stocked library, with stacks of books to browse. Open, airy decks for prime sea-gazing or soaking up the sun. And the bridge tohang out with the captain and his officers, watching the quiet drama of navigation unfold. And, in the nearby chart room, with local maps and charts, along with a 24-hour beverage station stocked with excellent teas, coffee, cocoa, and sodas. Everywhere you turn on Explorer, panoramic windows connect you to the outside—even in the fitness center, with its million-dollar views. The only two places on the ship where seeing something scenic isn’t an option is in the wellness center’s sauna, or on a massage table experiencing a soothing wellness treatment.

National Geographic Resolution

The newest ship in our fleet, National Geographic Resolution is a next-generation expedition ship, purpose-built for polar navigation, launching in November 2021. A twin to our first polar new build, National Geographic Endurance, Resolution is a fully stabilized, highly strengthened, ice-class Polar Class 5 (PC5) vessel designed to navigate polar passages year-round, and safely explore uncharted waters, while providing exceptional comfort. Its patented X-BOW® is key to its design; its powerful wave-slicing action provides an extremely smooth ride, and even reduces spray on deck, for superior observation. Resolution carries 126 guests in 69 cabins, 53 with balconies. It has a full suite of expedition tools, including a fleet of Zodiacs, kayaks, and an ROV, and offers a variety of experience-enhancing amenities.

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