Cultural Experiences

Discover Dutch masters, Hanseatic architecture, contemporary history, & more.

Explore picturesque European towns and beautiful waterways, the charms of which almost belie the influence and power this region has had throughout history, from medieval to modern times. Here are just a few of the fascinating cultural and historic highlights you’ll discover along the way: 

The Rijksmuseum 

This famed Amsterdam museum houses the world’s largest collection of paintings by Dutch masters, including more than 400 pieces by Rembrandt alone. His standout work, “The Night Watch,” will undergo an extensive restoration in the summer of 2019, marking the 350th anniversary of the artist’s death. Rembrandt lived during what is known as the Dutch Golden Age, a period of prosperity and progress in the 1600s. Stroll the spectacular museum, a work of art in itself, alongside a private guide as you view masterpieces by Vermeer, Hals, Steen, and other prominent artists of the time. 


The Hanseatic League & Medieval Trade Routes 

Founded in locations along the north coast of Germany, the Hanseatic League was established as a trading organization, uniting towns with an interest in routes in the Baltic Sea to the east and toward England, in the west. With a central location between and an interest in both trade routes, the beautiful city of Lübeck was founded in 1143 and served as the league’s Queen City from 1230 until 1535. Though much of the beautiful brick Gothic architecture was destroyed during WWII, it was later rebuilt and today, Lübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll have the opportunity to visit many of the city’s fascinating buildings—including the incredible, and oddly leaning, Holsten Gate and the Hospital of the Holy Spirit.   

WWII & Operation Overlord 

This stirring voyage calls on several historic locations—Omaha Beach, Mulberry Harbor, and Pegasus Bridge, among others, each a part of one of the defining periods of modern history. Guest experts and local historians deeply knowledgeable about the subject will reveal insightful facets of these important sites and the poignant events that transpired. 


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