Itinerary Overview

Get a sense of life under sail

This 10-night voyage is dedicated to the exploration of two fiercely independent islands–Sardinia and Corsica. These islands share many historic elements through millennia of empires and civilizations, but still maintain their identities and independent attitudes from their governing nations of Italy and France respectively. The platform for our exploration is the incomparable and legendary square-rig sailing yacht Sea Cloud. Plenty of time is built in to enjoy the sailing action of Sea Cloud under sail and all the other comforts of this historic vessel and its congenial crew, as well as the expert Lindblad-National Geographic staff. The voyage departs and returns to Naples, Italy, allowing the time and space for ample sailing around these spectacular and intriguing islands.

  • Explore Su Nuraxi, UNESCO World Heritage Site and biggest and best-preserved of the Bronze Age nuraghi.
  • Savor local wines, delicacies and stunning scenery by both land and sea, including the stunning karst Les Calanques de Piana.
  • Stroll charming old towns full of history, unique architecture, and local markets.
  • Explore the medieval city of Alghero, which reveals its historic Catalan influence and is still sometimes referred to as “Barceloneta.”
  • Savor ample time sailing on the world’s most beautiful tall ship.

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