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  • Monemvasia and Sailing into the Aegean

    As we sat down to breakfast the Sea Cloud dropped anchor in the ‘gin-clear’ waters beneath the ramparts of the Byzantine walled city of Monemvasia on the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese. This was our bonus stop—and WOW—how to end a cruise on a high note! The climb up to the main square through the huge double iron-clad doors of the main town gate and along the uneven cobbled street was a bit challenging for some, but each step of the ascent was another step into the past. Read More

  • Pylos, Greece

    Pylos is a place whose origins are to be sought in the mists of time. A place where history intertwines with myth, a place with more than its share of turbulent and tragic battles and sieges over the past 2,500 years. According to Homer, this southwestern region of the Peloponnese was once governed by the sage and benevolent King Nestor, who lived atop a hill in a mighty citadel. Read More

  • Navigating the Ionian Sea

    Today we woke to a calm breeze off the eastern Ionian Sea. The sails were up and running and the morning was perfect for sailing. We had to fix our watches an hour ahead as we had entered into a new time zone. After breakfast we went to the bow of the ship for a photography workshop with our photography expert. Read More

  • At Sea

    After a busy week sailing around the Mediterranean’s largest island of Sicily and an active night in the old town of Ortigia in Syracuse, we began a welcome two-day crossing of the Ionian Sea eastward to Greece. The gentle rocking motion overnight let us know that the forecasted northwesterly winds had begun, and at 8 a.m. the sailors went aloft to set the sails for the day.What a wind! Thus far the winds had been very light throughout this voyage, but Sea Cloud was a different animal with a moderate northwesterly breeze filling her sails. Read More

  • Siracusa, Sicily

    By fifth century B.C. Sicily had become a formidable economic and political player in the Mediterranean world. One of the most powerful was the city of Syracuse, situated on the shores of a huge natural harbor on the southeast coast of the island. Despite our late night at the Castello degli Schiavi, everyone was up early, cameras in hand, ready to explore. Read More

  • Strait of Messina/ Taormina, Sicily, Italy

    Today our expedition followed in the the footsteps of Odysseus, sailing the path he took on his escape from the anger of Homer’s monsters Scylla and Charybdis. Yes, this morning we passed through the Strait of Messina, which is the narrow passage between the eastern tip of Sicily and the western tip of Calabria in the south of Italy. As we entered the Strait it marked our exit from the Tyrrhenian Sea and into the Ionian Sea. After a dry landing and a short bus ride around Taormina, we walked up a long cobbled street to get to an ancient Greek theater that is still used for local events and shows. Read More

  • The Aeolian Islands

    Aeolus was the ancient Greek God of the Winds, who famously gave Odysseus the bags of favorable and unfavorable winds in Homer’s Odyssey. Today we journeyed through the Aeolian Islands, which is where Aeolus was said to have lived. There are seven volcanic islands in total, located on the north coast of Sicily. Remarkably, there was not a breath of wind to speak of for sailing, so we decided to take a scenic route through all of the islands through the course of the day.Sunrise found us marveling at the eastern slope of the perfect pyramidal island of Alicudi, which is the westernmost of the Aeolian Islands and home to only 75 year-round inhabitants. Read More

  • Cefalù, Sicily, Italy

    Sparkling azure seas, billowing sails, warm homemade donuts, a deck chair and a good book–la dolce vita! This is how we spent our morning aboard Sea Cloud. Shortly after lunch the crew went aloft to furl the sails as the ship dropped anchor at Cefalù. Read More

  • Trapani (To Mount Erice), Sicily, Italy

    We woke up to beautiful weather and calm seas, ready to explore stunning Norman castles and towns that were rebuilt after being devastated in WW2, including Trapani which is located in the northwest corner of Sicily.  After a dry landing on the Pier of Trapani, we took a bus ride to the summit of Mount Erice to explore a small Norman town located 2454 feet above sea level. Read More

  • Mazara del Vallo, Sicily

    Sicily is simply a landscape, but it is a landscape in which one finds absolutely everything which on this earth seems to have been made to seduce the eyes, the soul and the imagination. Guy de Maupassant, En Sicile, 1886 Bathed in soft morning light, amidst fields of ripe winter wheat, wild carrot and marigolds, the massive, weathered sandstone columns of early 5th century B. Read More

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