Life Aboard

An incomparable mix of elegance & informality

Polished brass capstans and portholes gleam, teak decks glow, and interiors are fitted with Italian marble and paneled in carved oak. Enjoy the grace and refinement of Sea Cloud, an extraordinarily elegant ship, a direct descendant of the opulent 30’s—as you also enjoy the casual attitude and informal style of our small ship cruise of the Mediterranean.

Relive the golden age of sail—in shorts & deck shoes
There’s no need to dress up ever; while the ship’s dining room and lounge are suitable for black-tie formality, you’ll find a certain lighthearted delight in enjoying it in casual dress. There’s no assigned seating in the dining room; in fact many tables accommodate uneven numbers. This makes for easy mingling and the fun of sharing breakfast, lunch, or dinner with different new friends or staff. And independent travelers can count on a welcome everywhere they turn. We invite you to freely roam the ship, discovering the nooks and crannies.  And you’re always welcome on the bridge whenever you’d like to watch the calm business of ship navigation unfold.

Sociable deck spaces and places to relax
The open and inviting deck areas are natural gathering places, perfect for watching the orchestration of hand-raising and reefing Sea Cloud’s 30 sails. Marjorie Merriweather Post nicknamed the cushioned semicircle on the stern of the ship the Blue Lagoon. There you can gaze up at the masts and sails, hearing the splash of the wake behind you. The Monkey Deck above the bridge gives you the sensation of going aloft and working the riggings, surrounded by sails. And an expansive foredeck set in front of the bridge provides a space to watch the foremast and bowsprit move with the rhythm of the ship under sail.

The Lido deck serves as the social hub of the ship, overseen by the attentive barman. Lunches and occasional dinners are served alfresco. And it’s where the expedition community gathers for lectures and presentations.

Excellent food
Our chefs use fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. By adding Mediterranean ingredients and flavors to a menu that also includes traditional favorites, we aim to give you a greater sense of the cuisine and culture in the region we’re exploring. An array of fresh fruits and delicious, fresh juices are key components of the breakfast buffet. Wine is included at lunch and dinner. There are fish or meat choices at every meal, and our chef will happily accommodate vegan or other special diet requests.

Swim stop!
Swimming from Sea Cloud is not just your average jump into the sea. Like everything aboard, it is a special event. Site selection is important, as the captain looks to anchor the ship where it will provide a calm, but sunny, lee with a spectacular view. Down go the safety lines, to which a dozen or so floating mattresses are strung as a boundary. The gangway is lowered into the water, and the hotel manager lifeguard calls with exuberance, “The pool is open!” Soon, the sea is filled with smiling, laughing bobble-heads, buoyed up by the clear Mediterranean’s salinity. This makes it easy to have the best experience of all on a Sea Cloud swim: swimming on your back or lying on a floating mattress, and looking up in awe at the towering masts and rigging. Fellow shipmates line the rails taking photos of the swimmers, who are looking far, far beyond up into the heavens, which seem to be tickled with the tops of Sea Cloud’s four masts. This feeling of floating in the Mediterranean with the rigging reaching into the heavens stays with us forever, and is yet another exclamation point in a day in the life of Sea Cloud.

The personal ahhhhh factor
You’ll find much more information in the Our Fleet section, but suffice it to say that your cabin will be an inviting place to end your active day. All cabins are modern, stylish, and comfortable. And the original owner’s cabins are fitted with marble fireplaces and gold-plated fixtures.

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