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According to Herodotus, who along with Thucydides, is often called the ‘Father of History’, the spirit of Greece - Hellenikon - consisted in commonality of language and blood and shared religious beliefs and customs. Just as the modern academic subject of History takes its name from Herodotus’s use of the Greek word for inquiry, so too is our whole language suffused with Greek etymology. Indeed, we have come to associate the idea of Greece with those aspects of our society in which we take the greatest pride: our rationality, our humanity indeed the very idea of ourselves as representing civilised values. All educated westerners, at some point in their lives, have felt the need make footfall in the heartlands of classical Greece.  

One of the characteristics of classical Greece, however, was its fragmentation. There were literally thousands of independent city states scattered widely over the eastern Mediterranean. Some were large but most were as small as a thousand souls and these city states neither lived in harmony nor achieved political unity - witness the bitter rivalry between Athens and Sparta. The Greek world was a mosaic of cemented seaways. Greece is thus the ancestral home of every western sailor and our Greek odysseys on board Panorama are crafted to allow Hellenikon – the spirit of Greece – to reveal itself in the course of your chosen cruise, from island to contrasting island, from one Greek settlement to the next.  From the Adriatic to the Aegean, we sail the arc of the Hellenistic world. The Greek islands are best explored by small cruise ship, with visits to iconic sites like the Temple of Apollo on Delos or the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi timed to avoid the crowds. Our itineraries are also designed to take in the less visited locations. In the Aegean, islands like Poliegos as well as must-see destinations like Santorini; along the Dalmatian coast, calling in at Odysseus’s island home of Ithaca as well as the marbled wonder of Dubrovnik. Whichever adventure cruise you opt for, your immersion in Greek history and culture – not to mention sun, sea and scenery – is sure to have a lasting impact.      

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