The Expedition Experience

Discover some of Scandinavia’s most remote and spectacular coastal scenery, from the picturesque fishing village of Skagen in Denmark to Sweden’s enchanting Weather Islands and Norway’s fjord-laced western coast. Stroll past brightly colored fishing huts clinging to rocky outcrops, kayak amid tiny islets and vast fjords, and explore vibrant cities where contemporary life gracefully mingles with centuries of history.

What It's Like/What You'll Do

Explore Norway’s famous fjords, and charming fishing villages and cosmopolitan cities in Denmark and Sweden, encountering marine animals and visiting historic sites.

Cultural Experiences

Experience the present, the past, and the bounty of nature coexisting in time

Scandinavia Expedition Team

Our Scandinavia travel guides will enhance the experience of each place you visit. Travel with them and discover the unique history and culture of Scandinavia.

Life Aboard

Camaraderie, amenities, comfort & wellness––see life aboard NG Explorer

Guest Speakers

World-class experts add layers of interest. See who’s aboard

Pack Your Camera

Between the ship & the scenic sites this is one extended photo op


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