Cultural Experiences

An intimate perspective on Scottish life, past and present

Trace history through the highlands in the footsteps of saints and clan leaders. Stand among ancient monuments and feel the shroud of Scotland's culture and history hang about the experience, the way the fog clings to the hauntingly beautiful moorlands. This is a land of ancient rituals, long-ruling clans, and royal graveyards full of monarchs. Explore Scotland and experience the country, continuously inhabited for some six thousand years.

Explore sacred abbeys and the ruins of fine castles
Tour the fortress of Duart Castle with a walk through the depths of the dungeon. Visit the ruined abbey and the rebuilt church on Iona. Cruise past the fine ruins of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness, where time pulls at 13th-century stone walls.

Trace history through the Highlands
Visit Culloden, the battlefield where Bonnie Prince Charlie’s hopes for the throne were dashed in 1746. See the ancient standing stones of Clava Cairns. Paddle a kayak in picturesque Loch Linnhe, running parallel to the West Highland Train Line. Stroll the royal graveyard at Iona where generations of Scottish kings are buried, and trace the legacy of the 1,300-year-old Clan Donald.

Visit waterfront towns and quaint villages
Enter secluded villages and stroll picturesque waterfront towns. Take advantage of the opportunity to hoist a pint at the most remote pub in all the British Isles. And, get a sense of what life is like for the roughly 90 souls who live at the isolated community on the tiny Isle of Eigg.

Whisky tastings & live Scottish music on board
Embark to the strains of a piper standing ashore. Spend evenings enjoying enchanting live music from local musicians along our route. Taste the very tang of Scotland in the oak and peat of Scotland’s famed single malts during a whisky tasting. 

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