Itinerary Overview

Explore rugged coasts, wild isles & glacial fjords


Join us along the wildlife-rich coast and islands of Southeast, Southcentral, and Western Alaska. Begin on Alaska’s Panhandle, exploring the fjords, villages, and wildlife of the Inside Passage. Enter the Gulf of Alaska where you’ll gaze up at the face of the towering, six-mile-wide Hubbard Glacier. Spend two days within Prince William Sound, known for its spectacular mountains and massive tidewater glaciers. In Katmai National Park, spot the region’s legendary coastal brown bears foraging for clams or salmon. Cruise along the Aleutian Islands and up to the Pribilofs—a place renowned for its thriving seabird and marine mammal populations, as well as its rich Aleut culture. Encounter Provideniya, “The Gateway to the Arctic,” and its Yupik cultural traditions. Then end this incredible exploration with a crossing of the Bering Strait, one of the planet’s most iconic bodies of water.


  • Visit the town of Wrangell and learn about the rich indigenous Tlingit culture along the Alaska coast.
  • Cruise past St. Lazaria Island by Zodiac and see the nesting area of thousands of storm petrels and rhinoceros auklets.
  • Visit rugged Kayak Island and go ashore where Vitus Bering’s expedition of 1741 made landfall.
  • On Unga Island hike among the fascinating petrified remains of a sequoia forest buried in a mudslide 25 million years ago.
  • In Prince William Sound, explore among the ice of dozens of tidewater glaciers that empty out into the sea, rich with Steller sea lions, harbor seals, and humpback and killer whales.
  • Hike or Zodiac at St. Matthew and Hall Islands, one of the few breeding colonies of the rare McKay’s Bunting and visit the Pribilofs—home to the largest northern fur seal rookery in the world.
  • Call on Dutch Harbor, the site of a fierce World War II battle, and one of the world’s largest and most important fishing ports.

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