Expedition Team

Our team is the key to your incredible adventure

Explore Alaska in the company of top experts. Benefit from their expertise—marine and terrestrial biology, botany, geology, and more—and benefit from their passion to share the wonder of this incredible place. Enjoy their company; you’ll find them highly engaging and fun to share a drink or dinner with, as well as a hike.

Meet the expedition team for this departure

  • Daniel Baldwin

    An educator at heart, Dan finds great joy in helping others explore and connect with the world around them. He has taught marine sciences in the Florida Keys and on Catalina Island, and science and math in international schools in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the South Pacific. 

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  • David Jaffe

    For more than 20 years David Jaffe has guided and taught a variety of audiences about our natural world and our connection with it. His childhood interest in natural systems eventually brought him to Evergreen State College where he earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Geology, followed by a M.S in Applied Ecology from the University of Vermont. Mingling an academic background with experience working around the world in exceptionally diverse environments, he is able to efficiently observe, understand, and interpret natural and cultural history.

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  • Eryn Bordes

    Born in Southeastern United States, Eryn first discovered the beauty of nature by exploring her neighborhood loblolly pine forests. Her creative nature led her to earn a degree in art, and later expressed itself in a love of exploring the details of nature as a botanist.

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  • James Biscardi

    Video Chronicler
    James Biscardi is a young, ambitious professional photographer and videographer. He is always on the lookout for the next big adventure and “telling the story” through film.

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  • Lee Moll

    Lee grew up as a "Nature Girl" in the rural outskirts of New York City, where she developed and expressed her keen sense of biophilia.  She expanded her passion for the outdoors when she ventured to the western side of the country and she currently owns a home in Boise, Idaho.

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  • Linda Burback

    Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor
    Born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Linda and her Air Force family moved extensively throughout the U.S. when she was a child. Linda continues to travel and explore a broader spectrum of the world as a naturalist with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic. Linda earned her B.Sc. in horticulture from the University of Arizona in 1985 and worked with this degree in the commercial cactus industry for sixteen years.

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  • Rab Cummings

    Expedition Leader
    Born near Seattle, Washington, Rab enjoyed a highly unconventional childhood as the son of a veterinary science professor. He spent his youth paddling canoes through Canada’s hinterlands, deepening his love and understanding of the natural world. After earning a degree in natural resource management from the University of Montana, Rab focused his efforts on natural history education. 

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  • Trevor Frost

    National Geographic Photographer
    Trevor Frost is a photographer, filmmaker, and National Geographic Expeditions Council Grantee. At the age of 22, he received his first grant from National Geographic to map and photograph caves in Central Africa. At 29, he completed his first feature story as a photographer for National Geographic magazine on gelada monkeys in the highlands of Ethiopia. With the support of the National Geographic Society, he is now working on a multi-year project to photograph and film saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia using specially designed remote cameras. In addition to his own photography, Trevor has worked as a cameraman on a number of projects, including a three-year effort to document wild orangutans in Borneo with renowned wildlife photographer Tim Laman for the National Geographic Channel. Trevor is currently working on a film on orangutans that will premiere later this year. He has won several awards, and was chosen by Nick Nichols and the prestigious LOOK3 Photography Festival as one of the world's top emerging photographers. Trevor also works as an advisor with Focused on Nature, a non-profit based in Geneva that supports conservation projects globally. Trevor lives in Richmond, Virginia next to the James River.

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